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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Richard and Wayne's Mt. Wilson Adventure

Thursday 12/27/2007 9:00 am, Wayne and I met up at Blakes BBQ in Anaheim just off Kraemer Blvd. and Wayne had planned a trip to a couple camp grounds off Highway 2 the Angeles Crest Hwy. I met Wayne through the STAR riders Group that meets at Blakes every Thursday and this is our third trip/adventure. That's my new Road Star 1700 and Wayne is on his Suzuki C90, with fuel injection but a smaller gas tank. Road Star tank holds 5.3 gal. gas, the Suzuki holds less than 4 gal.
I knew it would be cold on this trip so put on the nylon over-pants, and the new glove liners I just bought and away we sent. Up the 57 Freeway to the 210 to Hwy 2 - Angeles Crest Hwy. It was cold, in the low 50's and with wind chill gets a lot colder. Headed up into the mountains with our first stop a ranger station at the junction of Hwy 2 and the road to Mt. Wilson.
Here we are at the ranger station and it's been a cold trip, but I was better prepared this time. Wayne wore a scarf, leather overpants (chaps) and a leather jacket plus a heavy shirt and fleece lined jeans. I wore the Nylon First Gear mesh over-pants, my Tourmaster jacket and Tourmaster gloves with the new liners. I put on a fleece hooded zip up jacket that I had brought and that made a lot of difference.
Picture of the road leading to Mt. Wilson, but we are going to stay on Hwy 2 for a while longer to find the first campground.

We found the Campground but it was not what he thought it was and so we headed back up to the ranger station and found campground #2. He warned me the road to the next camping site was down a "slight" twisting grade but was very short. HOO HAA what a road. We made it to the bottom but you do not want to mess up on the way down or up for that matter.
Here are some pictures of our camping experience. We made it to the bottom and there are tables and parking spaces way down at the bottom of this canyon.
This is looking back to the very bottom of the road and we parked up near the end of the campground
This is looking back up the canyon to where the road is.

Wayne brought some great home-made soup and a small gas bottle cook stove you would hike with and fired it up. It was cold and the little cook stove took quite a while to heat up the jar of soup. Wayne brought everything including soup to nuts, literaly and he seems to be an experienced camper from what I can tell.

"Is it soup yet?"

Little stove really works.

Now it's time to head back up the canyon and here's the road. Only took two pictures as there was only one place to stop, a real challenge. One picture looking back down hill and the other uphill, it gets real twisty around that corner.

Made it to the top and we are headed for Mt. Wilson where all the TV antennas are. Definitely a winding road with plenty of turns and twists. Fantastic views from about 5,600 ft. level.

looking out over Los Angeles to the ocean.

Made it to the top, circled Mt. Wilson and the TV transmitting towers and headed back to starting point. Great trip, 150 miles total, no accidents or major encounters

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Oak Glen on the Road Star

This arrived-the new Victory Vision Touring cruiser, quite the modern looking motorcycle

The Star Riders trip to Oak Glen started out at 8:20 am from the Best Buy lot in Orange with about 44 riders and passengers (pillions)
Riders coming in from all over.
Wow, look at me, new motorcycle and a new jacket and total noob. Nearly everyone had a Star leather vest or jacket with the Star emblem and patches and badges.
Immediately had a small mishap as the 2nd rider w/passenger leaving the lot clipped the curb and took a tumble into the planter. Only a small scrape or two and a slightly tweeked mirror. Our group #2 took of as the new group #1 and away we went. This time I understood the hand signals better, but wandered all over the lane due to concentrating on the new Road Star instead of just keeping in the proper position. This was my first big ride with the new monster 720 lb. Road Star. I only had about 120 miles on it at this point.

Uneventful trip up to the Beaumont Ave. turn-off from the 10 Fwy in Beaumont. Learned that a car coming on the freeway clipped another car and spun out through several lanes of traffic to wind up in the center divider in front of the group that was behind us, with no other damage or encounter. We headed up the trail into the hills toward Oak Glen above Beaumont with the road being quite tame compared to Angeles Crest Highway for instance.
I now have 85 more miles than when we started and that jacket is getting real warm. Took the liner out.
We arrived at a way stop where there was some sort of BBQ restaurant with a really great bar-B-Que smell that whetted my appetite for BBQ. Our lunch stop was a little further up the road how ever so after a half hour or so away we went to the lunch stop.

Lunch with all 44 or so riders, included a piece of apple pie.
Big beautiful tree for this area.

Now Oak Glen is supposed to be famous for growing apples and let me tell you, it's better to buy the apples, take them home and make your own pies if you know how. Over a span of maybe 15 years I have had 2 pieces of apple pies in Oak Glen and neither one was worth the trip. I did buy an apple streudel and Apple turn over and my wife ate both of those so I have no idea what they tasted like.

Back on the road we went to our starting point in Orange and the trip was over by 3:30 or so.
Group #1 getting lined up and ready for the return trip, we are next.

Wrap up meeting at the end of the trip, several new members were voted in and luckily I was not voted out, although I don't know for sure.

No problems for me, and I did better on staying in my side of the lane this time, no major concerns and the Yamaha Road Star performed very well. The only problem is that in a tight U-turn in a parking lot and coming to a stop to park is a bigger chore than on the 1100. This thing weighs a lot. On the road it's very comfy all things considered. I now want to go back up to Oak Gen and stop in at the first restaurant for some of that BBQ, I hope it tastes as good as it smells. Total miles about 175, and arrived home just before 4 pm.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

More pictures

Here are a few more pictures in the daylight.
The Tourmaster Sissybar luggage can carry a bunch of stuff.
I did not notice the bell until I started cleaning the whitewalls.
Haven't cleaned whitewalls in years and years, now this.