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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Neighbor takes a ride

Sheila our neighbor gets a ride as passenger (pillion) on the Road Star today. Went for a 2-3 mile ride around the neighborhood including Alta Vista Drive and several others. All went well and now I will probably have one or two others interested in a free ride. Only time it gets to be a challenge is coming to a stop at a light or other location. Balance is very important since the extra weight and higher center of gravity make it important to be lined up and wheels straight. This was my first passenger on regular streets in traffic.Notice the helmet is pushed back a bit, due to her pony tail not fitting under the helmet so she had to cover it and move the helmet back.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Ride

This was a short ride to attend a memorial service to honor veterans past and present who gave their lives in service to our country. A few members from Chapter 230 including Stan-who organized the event, his wife Connie, Lynne who led the group to the location, Joe, John, Richard, Paul and Johnny. We met in Orange at the Best Buy parking lot and headed out to Fullerton just 11 miles away

The service was held at Memorial park in Fullerton with about 1,000 in attendance.

Here's the group as we await arrival of a Captain from the Coast Guard via Sheriff's helicopter.

Police Honor Guard raising the flag to half staff.

Here is a photo of my KNEE/SHIN GUARDS...Bought these at Chaparral in San Bernardino for $16 and I wear these under my Draggin Jeans for impact protection, hope I never need to find out if they really work. They are comfortable enough to wear all day.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chapter 415 IRONAZZ RIDE to Fillmore

The IRONAZZ Ride on Saturday 5/17 was in two parts, the first segment was from Pacific MotorSports in Harbor city, the regular meeting place, heading to Victorville, then on the Pearblossom Highway to Palmdale, past Lancaster, jumping on the 14 Freeway north, over to the 5 Fwy at Gorman then south to 126 and on to a park in Fillmore. Number of miles on the first segment was about 254, and the second segment was to be about 200+. I just did the first half so it was a Half Azzed Ride instead of the full IRON AZZ ride, even so my total miles with the return trip added up to nearly 400 miles. 11 Motorcycles left the gate on PCH at 7 am and headed out to the 210 and on to the 15 Freeway towards our first gas stop at Highway 138 and the 15 Fwy.
This is Don from Chapter 230, but he rides with 415 as well.

Ride briefing by President Bill.
Notice the t-shirts, I would have been a lot cooler if I wore that.

Even I'm in there somewhere...That's me in the group photo wearing the jacket!
It was starting to warm up as we left and I had taken the liner out of the FirstGear Mesh jacket in anticipation the the hotter ride ahead. Other riders were just wearing a shirt/T-shirt and no gear, I was definitely the geared up rider on this trip and I did get a few looks as in, what the heck is he wearing that heavy jacket for?
This is a wedding photo for this couple, (the chapter Vice president and the lady I don't have names for). They were married by the gas station attendant, so the marriage is good for the duration of the ride only. Well that may not be accurate, but could happen.

The ride itself was just a matter of motoring on as there were no real challenges or winding roads to deal with, just lots of miles at a steady pace and some scenery along the way. The heat did start to build as the minutes ticked by, with the final temps on my little gauge reading 108 deg. as we headed down to Fillmore!

We arrived at the park and were greeted by music and registration and food, all good. Eventually there were over 100 motorcycles and riders plus passengers.
Wayne from Chapter 230 showed up and was there when we arrived, he took a short cut.

After the food and buying a hat and drinking lots of water, the group saddled up and headed back.
That's me holding a donut.
These 4 intrepid riders are heading out to complete the extra 200+ miles

Where was all the excitement on the trip you ask? When I left the group on the 210 Freeway and headed back towards the 57, traffic bogged down as I passed the 605 turn-off and with temps still over 100, I fell in behind another rider splitting the lane in the diamond-lane. CRAZY RIDING, GOING IN-BETWEEN THE CARS. Came on a fender bender in lanes and then it slowed down again as I passed a silver Honda Goldwing laying on it's side off the road on the embankment. CHP was there and it looked like a truck/motorcycle encounter but no rider was visible from the far left lane as I went by. After that it was crank the throttle and head home, great ride.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Saturday ride 5/03/08 for Chapter 230 was to the Star Ranch just off the 91 Freeway at Green River. I took Mrs. Rider and so we went by car instead of motorcycle. This was a Meals-On-Wheels fund raiser for the chapter and turned into an excellent event and lunch. Very surprised when we arrived by shuttle up at the top of a steep gravel road to find a ranch with Bar-B-Que, a little stage town and a place for all sort of activities. From the 91 Fwy you would never suspect this was up here. They are planning to make this into a party ranch and horse riding center.

We arrive just as the group pulled into the parking area in front of us next to the freeway.
This is Ken and Jenny-Mrs. Rider

A shuttle bus takes you up to the ranch and the view is spectacular.

Sort of a miniature town with a church, hotel and jail. There is a fast draw shoot out station along with roping and other activities.

This is the wild West shoot out stand.
I believe that is Gail and Lynn and the other picture is the top of Lynn's head and the mountain in the background.
At last I found religion, later the Pope called and two Rabbi's fainted when they saw this, Jenny just had to have the new hat.
Barry, Lynn and daughter Jackie.

Old fire trucks, I would own one if I had the money and place to keep it.
Lined up for some great food.
This turned into a Rescue Mission meeting, but no one was saved or needed to be.

Some of the folks that helped make this a fun day even if no motorcycle was involved on my part, include Dan Dobler Chapter President, Marsha Dobler, Jerry and Patty Gehrls (she made some fantastic apple pies), Bob Barbano donating the meat, John Ruhland collecting all the money, Scott Hamilton, others that I don't know but would be glad to add if you forward their name to me. No motorcycle miles but a very enriching day for us. I have not been part of anything like this STAR chapter that I find so rewarding. Plus we raised $1,200 for the Senior center in Orange.