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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Monday, June 09, 2008

BIGGEST/LONGEST trip to Monterey, CA

This is the longest trip (and the biggest Blog) ever undertaken via motorcycle by me. Packed the bags with everything I could think of including bottles of water, several small Gatorade drinks, some snaks, extra sweater, long sleeve t-shirts and the new Under Armour hot weather shirts and a Nike fleece zip up jacket that was really needed in the cold 52-54 deg. Monterey mornings. Left the Starbucks parking lot in Orange 6/13 at 5:30 AM .

There were 12 riders from Chapter 230 STAR.

Here is map outline of trip...THIS IS DAY ONE, FRIDAY. Ahead a 380 mile trip to Monterey and our lodging for the two day stay.

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Our first stop for gas, naturally we figure at these prices they are almost giving it away.

We made a couple of course corrections along the way and wound up on Hwy 1 heading toward Cambria past the seals beach and on up to Monterey along a very scenic road-famous Hwy 1 the Coast Road. This road has been photographed so many times I was able to find several excellent pictures from the Pashnit web-site and forum to include here just so you can see for your self.
Above Hearst Castle are the Seal Beaches where you can watch the seals lounging around on the beach, here is a video Lots of tight turns going uphill and down, rarely straight.
This is the Bixby bridge (1932) in the background. When you are going over it, it just is another bridge, until you see from the side.
Took a detour to Avila Beach Pier. We actually rode the motorcycles out onto the pier and stopped a took a few pictures. Grey overcast weather was typical all along the coast ride.
Ken and Ken on the left, Tom Joe and Stan with Pedro kneeling, Eric, Me, Ed and Dan on the right. Gary seems to be missing or he took the picture.

Here's Gary on his Honda.
This lady got drafted to help with pictures, that's Pedro helping with the camera.

Jerry and Patty arrived a day earlier, their mission was crucial as they brought the beer.
It's off to Fishermans Wharf for dinner. Not too impressed with dinner but Ken and I made the best of it.

HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED NEXT...DAY 2, Saturday our 165 mile ride and tour.
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Several members of the group decided on a trip to San Jose and the Winchester Mystery House, then through the Redwoods and beyond. My roommate Ken and I did not want to go the whole 285 miles so we went on a shorter version I had worked out as an idea earlier. Our trip was to take us on Hwy 1 up to Santa Cruz then turn on Hwy route 17 to San Jose our first destination. Little did I realize what those squiggly lines on the map really mean until we were on hwy 17. Good Grief, fast two lanes in each direction going over the coastal mountains to Los Gatos and San Jose. Intense and fast are the two words that come to mind. We arrived at the Winchester House of Mystery built by Mrs. Winchester with 8 carpenters and a crew that never stopped building until she died. There were closets with a brick wall behind the door, chimneys that did not vent outside and on and on. We found we had caught up to the first group even though they left an hour earlier, paid the $21 to take the tour. The other group was gone when we came out. Lots of pictures.
IT'S AMAZING WHAT A LOT OF MONEY AND A LITTLE INSANITY CAN ACCOMPLISH. Her income from Winchester stock of $1,000 per day allowed her the luxury of having a number of people on her payroll to fulfill her every crazy whim. She paid well for the time in the very early 1900's, but would fire anyone for any number of reasons. Many of the rooms had to have 13 windows or 13 lights as 13 seemed to be her lucky number. The stair way to nowhere.
Tiny staircase with small steps actually used by Mrs. Winchester.

Tiffany window made with crystals so the sun will really make it sparkle, only it was built with walls behind it so no sunlight ever touched it.

All Tiffany glass doors never used, worth a fortune today.The ballroom.
Here's Ken in an untouched room damaged by the 1906 earthquake.

After the tour it was on to the redwoods and The Big Basin Redwood Park via Hwy 236. Again those squiggly lines hit us square in the face with the wildest, tightest, twisty and narrowest road ever encountered it was more like a paved path than a road, turns out to be the back entrance to the park and not a main road. The first group being more seasoned and apparently smarter avoided this road totally.Here we are in the middle of the Redwood park. Stopped for a few pictures. It's amazing that as old as these trees are they were able to plant them right by the road so you can just walk up and take a picture.

Dinner at Bubba Gump's in Cannery Row.
x-Pres. Jerry and Patty at Bubba Gumps.

Got up at 4:30 am, put on my jacket with liner, the Blue fleece jacket the Under Armour for when it warms up, the knee and shin guards under my jeans, packed everything back into the bags and got ready to head out and return home in the 51 degree morning.

Temperature went from 51 degrees in Monterey to almost 100 going over the Grapevine.

You have to drag the map and click the "-" sign to get the full route in view.
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Find destination flag B in Salinas as we were about to get on the 101 freeway. As I was turning onto the on-ramp another rider made his turn a little sharper than I had anticipated and I assumed he would turn wider, my mistake not his, had to try avoid hitting him and went down with my beautiful Road Star. Everyone stopped and we had to fix the right side passing lamp and turn signal, Dan the president had duct tape and wire to keep it immobile so that it would not flap around and do more damage or cause a short. There were pictures taken but not by me. The worst part I jammed my thumb and it started to hurt. Since I was wearing complete gear no scrapes or scratches occured but the thumb still took a hit. It was cold and I was having a bit of shock from the impact but we motored on over to the 5 Freeway where it started to warm up, and then up and over the Grapevine with temps now pushing 95+, and after 360 miles made it safely home to pack the hand and shoulder in ice. The thumb after a few X-rays is a moderate sprain but not broken. Damage to the Road Star should be fixable including replace windshield plastic only, replace the broken passing lamps with an upgrade to new tri-bar lamps and a right turn signal, new engine guards they saved the day, and a chrome cover for the scrapped brake fluid housing are most of it, no paint was scratched or damaged that I can see so far. It's a problem that money can solve. Very embarrassing nevertheless. The things we do for a little excitement.