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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Monday, July 07, 2008

July 3 Big Bear and July 5 Julian-Ch. 230 rides

July 3rd ride to Big Bear included Wayne from Chapter 230, Stu (Stoorat on BBO forum), and Jim (Nubiker, also on BBO), and me. A relatively short hop up to Big Bear and the Grizzly Manor cafe on Big Bear Blvd for a good hamburger. Stu was on his new-to-him, Honda 919, 4 cylinder sport bike, Wayne on his C90 Suzuki, Me on the Road Star and we met Jim up in Big Bear and he was riding the Kawasaki 900. Wayne and I met Stu just above the 91/215 Freeway and 60 Freeway interchange at about 9:30 am and off we went. When we stopped at the ranger station we let Stu go on ahead as we would not be able to keep up with him. Just a few pictures of the whole day. Coming back we rode under the smoke from a new Yucaipa fire that had started a couple hours before we got there.
That's all there are, did not even get Jim's picture...oh well next time.

I started to notice a problem with left turns on the mountain roads and it continued to be a problem on the trip to Julian two days later.

Chapter 230's scheduled trip to Julian Started out at about 8:00 am with a briefing and meeting and then off we went at around 8:40am heading up the 57 Fwy to the 91 and over to the 15 Freeway south to Temecula and Hwy 79. It was going to be warm to very hot so I brought enough water and Gatorade to attempt to keep hydrated and avoid any heat related problems. Took along a spray bottle and a frozen bottle of water to help cool thing down on the stops...well it all worked.The President of Chapter 415, Bill was along for today's ride as well, he's in the photo above.
This is George on his first ride with 230.

Looks like about 28 riders getting ready to head out.

HERE IS THE ROUTE TO JULIAN, I like to see it all mapped out. It would be nice if I could map it out before the trip as well.

Click to see a larger map or slide it around to see the whole trip.

View Larger MapYou might notice we went into the Anza Borrego Desert area and the road continues up to Julian and is Quite a road, lots of curves. Leaving the desert floor it's only 12 miles to Julian but we go up to over 4,000 feet. Temps were pushing 100 deg. before we started to climb.

Arrived at Julian and stopped for lunch. It was a quick stop with little time for sightseeing in the tiny town.
Lunched with Barry and Lynne and we discussed the fact that my left turns were slightly sloppy. I seem to be having a problem holding a line going left. Right Turns, no problem, but left would wander, and be a bit hesitant and weak. Barry wisely offered to hang back a bit on the left turns especially when we were in staggered formation.Waiting in the shade til it's time to go. We scared off some customers to the restaurant, and I was right in there somewhere.

Returning to Orange we made a slight but wise course correction to avoid the Del Mar area on the 5 Freeway. Total miles around 275. All arrived safe.

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