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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Trip to Solvang

The trip up to Solvang included me, Ken and Wayne, both friends from STAR chapter 230. We started out after meeting up at Denny's off the 91 Fwy. I had mapped out the route as best I could and off we went with the idea of going up to Solvang along the coast and meet up with Chapter 415 from Harbor City.

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The map is a bit messed up as it does not show the route leaving Santa Barbara past Lake Cachuma, we went up 101 along the coast through Malibu and on to Oxnard as indicated on the map. Going through Malibu it became misty and very cool so we stopped and put on an extra jacket liner which really helped. I had planned a stop in Oxnard to refuel but when we got back on the 101 I could not find the stop and at the last minute took the Main St. exit where we really lucked out as a Mobil station was right there just across from the exit, it was like I actually knew what I was doing. In Santa Barbara we cut off of Hwy 101 and took Route 154 going past Lake Cachuma and on to Solvang. Wayne knew about a vista point to stop and take a look at the lake so we did. The nice thing about going in a small group is the ability to make changes in routes and stops as we go.
Richard, Ken and wayne.
This is Ken with his V-Star 1300

Here's Wayne to the left, and the Suzuki C90.
And me on the right with the 2006 Road Star.

Back on the motorcycles and heading toward Solvang we passed a Cachuma Indian Casino on the way into town, it would have been interesting to stop. But we headed into town on the main street and came to the heart of the tourist trap, no that's the village, with lots of small stores, shops, bakeries and assorted gift stores. I believe the windmill is a symbol of their desire to suck as much money from the tourists as possible. Actually it's a very nice town and we really had a great time just sightseeing and taking in a 4 block area before heading to our next destination...

next stop the Motorcycle Museum in Solvang. We rode further into town and spotted a large group of motorcycles parked along the street and figured this must be it

It's rather small and cost $10 to enter but Ken and I went in anyway. When we came out all the other motorcycles had left and we mounted up to head for Big Bopper Hamburgers on the road leading out of town toward Hwy 101 where Chapter 415 was expected to stop for lunch.

It was about here that I gave up on taking pictures for some reason. I think it was due to having too much fun on a very pleasant ride plus it was getting quite warm and my brain was getting fried, so the pictures end. We met up with Chapter 415 and Chapter president Bill along with about 12 riders that we have gotten to know. The hamburgers were not the reason for the trip but they were OK anyway.

Heading back we went toward Hwy 101 and 415 headed for rte. 154 and Lake Cachuma. The trip home was long but uneventful and not too hot until we headed inland from Oxnard instead of taking the coast route. Total 385 miles and a great day to add to the list of other fun trips.

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