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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4 Lakes and some mountains 07/11/09

Yes, it's back with Star Touring and Riding (STAR) Chapter 230's monthly ride and 4 lakes-Silverwood lake, Lake Gregory, Arrowhead and Big Bear. Of course there are some mountain roads involved as well. I had to go on this ride to test my supposed NEW riding skills after the Colorado trip.

Here's a map of the main part of the trip from the 15 Freeway at 138, past Silverwood Lake, then through the town of Lake Gregory, over to the Rim of the World Highway past Lake Arrowhead on to Big Bear and lunch at BJ's sandwich shop on Big Bear Blvd. After lunch and meeting with a special visitor we head to Mentone via Hiway 38 to the A & W Root Beer stand for a welcome cool one. In my case it was a chocolate shake.

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As usual the group meets at the Best Buy lot in Orange and this morning it's a big group. We wind up with over 30 motorcycles in 3 groups and there are several passengers as well.
This is supposed to ba a Yamaha sponsored group so why are there so many Harleys and Goldwing and what else here.
Where did they put the microwave?

That's Joe on the right in the flower shirt, visiting after some surgery a few weeks ago.

I'm in group 3 with Ken, behind me is Gregg and Jim along with several others. Gary and Terry are leading. We head out and take the 57 Freeway up to the 210 and over to the 15 Freeway to the 138 turnoff.

After gassing up, drinking some Cranergy (it would be nice if OceanSpray sent me free samples for mentioning their product)...we take off. The road gets twisty rather quickly before heading up towards Crestline and Lake Gregory.

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On the 57 freeway we lost one couple due to transmission problems but they eventually make it home on 4 gears instead of the usual 5.

To me, this trip is all about the curves and being on a mountain road without slowing way down to take the curves. I want to see if the new skills I had learned and put to use in Colorado really did stick with me. I have been focusing more on looking further up to the "vanishing point" of the road and pushing with more authority on the appropriate handle bar to make the lean and the turn better. Gregg who had helped me on the Ortega Highway was behind me and gave me a report at the end of the ride...more later.

I am adding a number of photos this time from Google Maps. Here's Silverwood from the road.

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Busy downtown Lake Gregory, a really small community.
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More curves on the way to Lake Arrowhead...

We get to Big Bear and stop at BJ's for lunch. Good food they don't take credit cards and we fill the place up.

While eating my sandwich I get a big surprise when John "Cuyo" from SCRC shows up looking for me. I am just floored he took the time and effort to track me down.

After lunch we head toward Mentone and Redlands for a cooling stop at the A&W Root Beer stand in Mentone where I got the chocolate shake.
We arrive back at El Torito for the ride wrap up from another STAR Chapter 230 monthly ride of 250 miles.

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