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Motorcycling has been a life changing experience. I hope sharing the info and pictures on the Blog gives you some idea how impressed I am with the experience, travel and the people I have met. Made new friends especially among Riders here in Orange County. Special recognition to Johney (Wrench)-helps with all the maintenance stuff+rides, plus other great riding friends: Ken Y., Luis V. & Minita, Chuck & Patty, John R., Joe, Carolyn, Gregg, Charlie & Carol, Rick, Stan P., Ed & Susan P., Barry, plus Terry, Bob B., Brian H., Glenn, William & Daveta Jo, Bob (Concho) and others. ************* DISCLAIMER: This is my personal write-up (Blog) of motorcycling news, rides and events that I am involved with in some way and not affiliated with any group, organization or club that might be mentioned herein. There should be no confusion regarding the fact these are my personal comments and not those of any other entity.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A little bit of everything-Solvang/Portillos/Flag

Decided to lump a few pictures and stories in one topic, getting lazy I suppose.
First is a Ride With Ken from Cerritos on his V-Star 1300, to Solvang via Hwy 1 to the 101 in Oxnard and on up directly to Buellton and Solvang. Stopped for Lunch at Anderson's Split Pea Soup restaurant as I had never been there as far as I can remember. Place is getting a bit shabby around the edges, but food was good if a little pricey. It was pleasant until we passed Santa Barbara and turned inland then the heat started piling up rapidly. After lunch motored into Solvang for a brief stop and a Chocolate Eclair which we split. Bought a pin for my vest.

ON the way back we took the inland route past Lake Cachuma and made just one stop above Santa Barbara
A quick stop on the highway.

Riding back into the LA freeway mess was brutal. We went south on the 405 to the 105 Fwy but that turned out to be a mistake and we cooked and just about crawled.
CHAPTER PRESIDENT BUYS A NEW MOTORCYCLE AND IT'S A HONDA. Comes with just about every gadget you can think of and a few you might not have imagined. Click the caption picture to read my notes...

Picture taken at bike night in Buena Park at Portillo's

This is getting interesting, Couple new Hondas, several new Harleys, One new Stratoliner (1), is STAR losing ground here?

At least two members in the picture are Viet Nam vets including Stan and Chuck.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Farewell party for Jerry and Patty...

Saturday at the Olive Garden in Brea for a send-off dinner. I took some pictures and I was shocked when couldn't find a good picture of Jerry and Patty at the party, but I did have one from our aquarium ride.

About 25 members from chapter 230 met for a great fun filled party to wish Jerry and Patty all the best in their new adventure in Tennessee.

We almost didn't recognize Johney all combed and everything.
That's Marsha on the lower left.

Chapter 230 trip to La Jolla Aquarium

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Ride to Molly Brown's Cafe in Hesperia

6 members of the STAR/FOS (Friends Of Stan) group zipped out to Molly Brown's cafe in Hesperia this morning for breakfast. Location is off Main St. and Third on Hesperia Rd. along some railroad tracks. It's a bit hard to find but after only one U-turn we arrived 74 miles from starting point. Breakfast was big. I ordered a hamburger steak, eggs and home fries. The hamburger was a very large hamburger steak, not a patty as I had thought it would be. Johney got biscuits and gravy with bacon. A very generous portion of biscuits smothered in gravy filled the plate and a lot of bacon. Every one had a plate FULL of food no matter what they ordered.
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After a great breakfast, John R, Johney, Larry on his Venture, Joe on the Victory Vision, Ken and Richard all headed back to the rapidly warming Orange county area. We did see a rolled SUV on the 60 Fwy at the 57 when returning.
That's about it for today, Saturday Sept 5, 2009. Total 155 miles and about 3 hours.