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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flo's Diner Chino Airport on a Saturday.

A small contingent of our regular Thursday Bike Nite group also known as F.O.S. or Friends of Stan, breakfast at Flo's Diner on Saturday 10-25-09.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Multi-chapter ride to Jalama Beach near Lompoc

Meet up with friends from other STAR chapters

We meet up with several different chapters of STAR on the 101 up near Buellton (past Santa Barbara) and Hwy 1 turn-off to Lompoc and then head out to Jalama Beach.
Chapter 373, 415, 258 and several others were there including the 5 of us from 230. Never heard of Jalama Beach? Neither had I until this ride came up. Amazingly at the end of a 14 mile twisting and bumpy road that turns off of Highway 1, is not only a nice beach and facilities and even some homes, but wait there's more...a store, sandwiches, hamburgers, camping and campers, a bunch of motorcyclists and all kinds of activity. Just amazing.

Here's the route and there will be more pictures later. The "B" FLAG is WHERE WE MEET OTHER CHAPTERS, THE "C" FLAG IS THE BEACH AND "D" IS OUR GAS STOP IN BUELLTON.
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We arrive at the meeting spot.

This is Chapter 415 at a gas stop, I know a few of them. I met Art on the Laughlin Ride at the Grand Canyon Caverns-good to see him again.

the beach is really very nice and clean just a bit cloudy today.

This turned into one huge ride because after riding down to the beach for a pretty good hamburger, the 5 of us hardy souls from Chapter 230 including Johney-Road Captain, Joe-Tail Gunner, Wayne, Charlie and me, decided to go up to Buellton. We stopped for gas before riding back past Lake Cachuma on Rte. 154 and across L.A./San Fernando over the 134 to Glendale and the 210 Freeway-not one of my favorites. It was slow going on the 210 but it finally opened up after we passed the 605 turn-off.

We did over 420 total miles on the odometer with stops. Wayne and I dropped back after we hit the 210 freeway, but Johney, Charlie and Joe took off and blasted their way through traffic.

I think that hamburger really slowed me down it was so big because after lunch I really had a hard time keeping up with Johney and Charlie on the way back, it seemed like they were riding hell bent for leather, so I'm hoping it was not just me. Johney is always looking out for riders in his group, so I'm guessing I just needed a nap after lunch.
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Monday, October 05, 2009

INTEGRATRON RIDE Saturday 10/04 (long report)

Our destination for this Saturday ride is the "Integratron" in Landers out beyond Yucca Valley. The Integratron is an all wood building that was built for some electrical experiments years ago. It never achieved any results but as an all wooden building has some unusual sound characteristics. The 2 level building is all hollow upstairs with a round parabolic shaped ceiling anchored at the top by a cement ring with a hole in it. If you stand directly under the hole in the center of the room and say something the sound reverberates through your head and body and sounds like speaking to a large outdoor or indoor audience with lots of echos and large speakers. Very strange no doubt. If you whisper from one side of the room, people on the opposite side can hear you clearly, which is why I got strange looks when I said my watch was running backwards from the electrical effects.

There was a presentation that covered some of the history of the builder and the building. When they got to the part about aliens I sort of lost interest. Everyone was invited to take a blanket and lay out on the floor for meditation and a sound massage session with sounds provided by vibrations from crystal bowls and goblets. Remember how you can run your finger around the rim of a crystal goblet and get a nice humming sound? Well here in the Integratron it really is magnified and enhanced creating a peaceful and relaxing interlude while laying on the blankets. I however sat in a plastic chair. Several fell asleep based on snoring sounds.

This is one of the real benefits of riding with STAR chapter 230 as I would have never visited this attraction if it were not for the group and Dan our president planning this ride. This is what makes riding a motorcycle with some great friends and living through a real adventure on the road worth the ride. I'm glad I went. Great trip even though after taking a fair amount of time here and then heading back to Pioneer Town Restaurant near Yucca for a LONG lunch we wound up getting ready to leave at 3 pm. The route originally was to head on to Big Bear via the back (Hwy 18) way, but time was getting short. All three groups headed back the way we came, but this time we hit some wind. I seriously dislike wind. If you ever would catch me making an attempt at some sort of "prayer" it would be riding in a 40-50 mph wind coming from the side. This was not that bad luckily and on we went back to Orange with no real problems or incidents.


We arrive in Landers and the Integratron...
The parking lot is very sandy so we all park out here off the street.

View from upper level windows, mostly desert.

Is this a Mafia war? "Now we go to the mattresses".

A little video of the sound session.
Arrive for Lunch at Pioneer Town-it takes a while!

Big thanks to Keith and his wife as Road Captain along with Joe on his Victory Vision as Tail Gunner for Group 2. If I mention "Victory Vision" enough times, will they give me one for the free advertising?

I missed some names, if you can help fill in missing names let me know.