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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Sunday, November 22, 2009



Just a few of the many friends in STAR. Richard, Luis, Chuck, Charlie.

Stan on the left is founder of the Friends of Stan Thursday bike night.
Jenny on the left and Carole on the right
Tomy is practising his Alabama stare
Why is Rick smiling?
These are two great pictures, two fabulous couples.
Awards are handed out to deserving officers and ride leaders.

Terry and president Dan. Dan is forced to tell us the story of Mr. Happy on the Billings/STAR trip. I know exactly what he is referring to in telling about a Cracker Barrel server.
Good wrap up to the meal and all the comraderie.

I did not win the Most Sarcastic trophy this year. I tried, but my e-mail and forum messages went too much for comedy and not enough sarcasm. It also became apparent that no trophy is awarded in that category anyway, so no use in trying again for next year.

While on the Death Valley ride, John R. let us sample some sausage sticks he bought down toward San Diego near the former Anderson Split Pea stop on Palomar Road & the 5 Fwy. So naturally we had to give it a try on a breakfast run. Joining the ride this Saturday are Johney-our resident Ride Captain; Luis and Minita on the Strat-he's one amazing rider; Charlie and Carol on the Stratoliner, Barry on his first return ride; John R. wearing just a long sleeve shirt and vest and super Tail-gunner; Richard on the Road Star with a winter jacket; and eventually the ever surprising Wayne, who joined up with a totally unknown group thinking it was us until we rode past and waved at his STAR emblem jacket. It was at that point that he realized whooops, I'm riding with the wrong group.

Luis and his borrowed Stratoliner. Does your son know you took the Strat out for a joy ride?

This is the Tip Top restaurant, grocery store and meat packing and sausage making German all-in-one location.

I can tell you the sausage sticks called "Landjaeger/Cervelat" are worth the trip. Breakfast was excellent, I had the sausage and eggs and they did serve their own unique sausage. Both John/Johney ordered a different sausage and they were huge. The store is stocked with tons of German foods, a complete butcher shop and sausages of ALL kinds. We left Orange at 8 am and return by about 11:45 am. Open to anyone that wants to join up.
FTC or the FEED THE CHILDREN organization is sponsored by Yamaha at the Cypress main headquarters in conjunction with Star Touring and Riding and helps distribute needed supplies to families in the community that can use some extra household and food items plus toys in these tight economic times.

This is my first year helping out and I'm impressed at the effort Yamaha is making to welcome us and treat us to breakfast and lunch.

I arrive at about 7:15 am and they have tents and cooking facilities already set up to feed all the other arriving STAR members a nice pancake breakfast. 
 There's Alan Cease Mr. STAR Touring and his wife Ginger
This was just sitting out here by the entrance along with other Star Models

Several presentations including a large check to Feed The Children really helps a lot.

Boxes are unloaded so we each can carry one on our motorcycle to the distribution center at a church about five miles away.

We then saddle up and in a long line of two rows of motorcycles head out on to the street and are cheered on by a large contingent of Yamaha employees-very impressive. We are escorted by several police cars with sirens blaring and lights flashing and just zip through red lights and everyone gets out of our way.

Lots of motorcycles, all STAR members from chapters in all of Southern California and even Stockton.
The boxes are unloaded from the motorcycles and also the huge trailer and we get ready to hand them out as cars arrive with people holding little red cards indicating how many sets of boxes they will get.

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