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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The Wrinkle Rider credo and qualification mantra.

1. An interest in motorcycling is a paramount feature of this organization and is the central theme surrounding all the requirements and conditions to be a true Wrinkle Rider. It's not about what motorcycle brand or model you own or ride but that you have a passion for all things motorcycle. This includes motorcycle models especially cruisers, various clothing and gear items including jackets with armor, chrome, modifications to various elements of mechanical operation and repair or electrical components and even a subscription to a motorcycle magazine will help in your quest for qualification.

2. Naturally to be a true Wrinkle Rider a number of wrinkles or lines or folds around the face or elsewhere, indicating some level of experience in life due to age is a major requirement, unless of course you are young and/or female then this issue is waived regardless.

3. Mileage on the motorcycle or on yourself or a combination of both is a major enhancement to your fulfilling the goals of being a true Wrinkle Rider and will help in maintaining our high standards of membership.

4. "Ride to eat" A major component of membership is a desire to sample various eating establishments near and far and partaking of any number of new or select types of food. Several food dishes and menu items have special merit including chili, hamburgers, Bar-B-Cue(BBQ) especially ribs, brisket and pulled pork, pizza or a variety of Italian foods, Mexican dishes, Black and White cookies, Deli foods including pastrami, corn beef and other sandwiches, beef jerky, smoked sausage (a new addition-see below) and other delicacies except Chinese food for some unknown reason.

5. Maintaining road discipline in group riding. This is not a big issue here as long as you do not run into a fellow rider, turn in front of them or in any way cause another rider to have a mishap, what the heck do we care. Just arrive safely, maintain spacing but ride your own ride at your own safe pace and enjoy the ride.

6. Dues, meetings, requirements. Apparently no one really likes to be bothered by responsibilities of administration, record keeping, dues collection, mileage records, attendance forms etc. therefore these are not an issue of this organization. However since we all like titles for rockers etc. for a small but reasonable fee you may choose a title appropriate to your interest in contributing to the treasury. Road Captain is available for $90, Tail Gunner is now priced at $50, Shepherd and Sargeant at Arms are available for $35 and other titles will be awarded as situations warrant. There is no plan for a club Chaplain ever. We hope the big money will be in logo patches for vests but have no plans as yet to print any so watch for further info on these areas.

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Please give me an email address or phone number I can write or call for more information about your club? Jim R