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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where to put the STEBEL ('LOUD') HORN.

The new 2009 Road Star California version, was delivered with an engine guard but dealer took the stock horn bracket off and zip tied the horn to the left front down tube. Great, now I have to order a replacement since the dealer has no idea what happened to the one they took off.

You might have wondered what the heck is a Stebel horn.  A Stebel is a miniaturized air horn made for small spaces and tight areas.  They are much louder than the stock motorcycle horn, but require special wiring and a "relay" for higher amp circuits.  No idea what a relay really does, but it works.

 Options include attaching it to the top of the engine guard, or installing a replacement stock bracket and then adding another bracket for the horn, or attaching a clamp to the down tube with some sort of metal bracket to hold it in place.  There are a lot more parts and tubes in the way compared to my previous 2006.


Our first week-day-riders big trip.  Led by Rick and tail-gunner Johney made for an enjoyable ride on Wednesday over Mulholland Drive from PCH to wind up at a BBQ place on Topanga Canyon Rd. and the 101 Freeway.  The Rock Store was closed so no Jay Leno as was promised but at least we got to see it.  This was my first trip on Mulholland and to the famous Rock Store.  Since it was a week day no real police presence and very few sport bikers as well.

Johney on far left, Barry, Rick, Me, Chuck and Ken

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Worst motorcycle purchase ever.

I just finally completed a motorcycle purchase and it was basically a nightmare until the end.  Cost me way more than it should have and I wind up with a brand new Yamaha Road Star Silverado-"S" version, but bought a 2008 model first.  Zero miles and lots of chrome on the final 2009 but getting to this point took some really dumb mistakes on my part for sure.

First I bought a 2008 Road Star basic model in white at a dealer hoping to switch lots of parts over from the 2006 Road Star to save money.  The 2008 Road Star turns out to have some damage, but not really severe at all and then some other issues that bothered me popped up and I decided to go back and trade up to a NEW 2009 fully loaded "S" version.   This would mean losing some money on the first purchase and paying sales tax twice.  Not the smartest move on my part and I can't explain why in the world I bought the '08 in the first place.  I really can't blame the dealer either as they acted in good faith selling a slightly used motorcycle where the blemishes were totally visible. if I just looked.

Finally have the new 2009 with lots of chrome on all the controls and forks as part of the "S" version.  Also the full 1 year warranty and lots of years to pay it off.  Picture of the dealership in Temecula, lots of inventory.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ride to Jalama Beach For Pashnit meet

A motorcycle forum known as Pashnit was having a ride to Jalama beach and among the members on that ride is Ken, my Ride to Colorado partner.  However, I did not want to do the ride from Chuy's in Santa Clarita to Jalama so decided just to ride direct to Jalama and wait for the arriving riders.  Along for the trip with me is Luis and Minita on their V-Star 1300.  Since the Pashnit meeting was the primary reason to go I did not see having a bunch of people ride up and wait for some folks they do not know.

The ride up was flawless and
we stopped on the Pacific Coast for a break before hitting Oxnard and we went on further to Carpinteria for fuel before continuing to Jalama. 

We arrived at Jalama Beach over a fairly poor 14 mile long road

and surprised to find one member already there.  His name is Skip or "NanSkip" on the forum and it was great to meet at least one member that I had never met.

The three of us get a hamburger and have lunch there in the Jalama Beach store.  The place is somewhat famous for their hamburgers and we had a very scenic lunch room to enjoy our culinary delight.  I have no idea if they serve any other sandwich items. 

After wandering around taking a few pictures
we head back to the parking lot as time is flying by and it's now 1:45 pm and getting very close to being late to leave for home.  What do we see, but no Pashnit members at all.  Nanskip and his friend had left, so we prepare to go as well.  We head up the exit road and here comes a group of riders probably from Pashnit.  We turn around as I hope to get a chance to at least say hello to these new arrivals.

As the time was now past 2 pm we take off again heading to Buellton and Solvang to return to Santa Barbara and the 101 Freeway.  We had to stop for pictures at a Vista Point but take off for Southern California at a much later time than planned.All the pictures including some from last years STAR trip to Jalama.  On-the-road photos courtesy Minita V.

Leaving the Vista Point and then hitting the 101 Freeway it's a straight shot back to the vast swamp of the 101-405 freeway interchange then south on the 405.  Before we get there we were at about 108 miles since fuel in Buellton so I pull off the freeway and into a little community and no gas station.  After a goofy U-turn and back on the freeway we take the next big exit and hit lots of traffic.  From this point on the freeway it's solid cars and getting DARK.

As we head south on the 405 it is now really dark and we navigate our way through traffic.  Luis, being a bit smarter than me gets in the diamond lane and off he goes, I follow but it takes me a couple miles to get into the diamond lane.   At some point we are finally going over 65 mph and it's interesting to say the least.  70 mph in the dark on the 405 Fwy in the Diamond lane will help focus your attention no matter how short your attention span is.

I finally arrive home at 7:10 pm and glad to arrive safely.  We did about 390 miles for the day.