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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chandler STARBQ-ride with 230 3/25 TO 3/28/2010

First big ride with Chapter 230 for 2010.  Instead of riding the 380 miles to Chandler, AZ with the group, Ken Y. and I decided to join up with John R. and head out on our own.  The big group with 5 trailers in tow and 10 motorcycles left Brea at 7:20 am Thursday morning.  The three of us sitting in Denny's across the road saw them heading out.  We left at 8:05 am and went north on the 57 to the 60 Freeway using the carpool lane.  Our first stop was to be Dillon Road on the 10 freeway in Coachella.  On the way John takes off and races ahead but we catch up in Coachella.  From then on it was John races ahead and we eventually catch up and in a couple spots I get to find out how the new Road Star handles at over 90 mph!  We arrive at the Wild Horse Pass Casino and Hotel, check in and wait for 230 group to arrive.  They roll in around 4:15 PM and 1 1/2 hours after we did.  This is the first time I have seen so many trailers in tow on any group ride with STAR 230 ever.

Many STAR attendees from various chapters will be arriving today Thursday and then Friday as well.  Many of the more local members will just ride in for the day.  Friday we learn is for a group ride up to Globe and Payson AZ with nearly all the 230 members going.  A very scenic area from what we see.  I am told the route we took was backwards from what is recommended in order to get the best views.  It was fine no matter which way we went.  We did go by a big lake called Lake Roosevelt and over a bridge by the dam as part of the Tonto National Park.  Pictures below courtesy Google Earth.

Returning from Payson we turn off into a park area near the Salt River and get some pictures of the Superstition Mountains and a picture of the whole group, except John.  John raced ahead and this time we did not catch up.

Ken treated me to a steak dinner Friday at the 24/7 cafe in the hotel and it was OK, but thanks for Dinner Ken.  We ate every breakfast in the same cafe and from what I can tell, when we charged them to our room were never billed for them.  Something like this happened in Las Vegas where Ken and I had a big $50 dinner and it never showed on the bill either.

I took a walk from the hotel Saturday morning over the freeway overpass to the other side and a gas station where the sign was located.  They were selling racing fuel with 110 octane for $7 a gallon.  I have never seen that for sale in California.  The total walk was at least 2 miles and I took a few pictures from the overpass.

Saturday we also visited the vendors where Ken and I bought a Visited States Map and colored in the states we have been in on a motorcycle.  Later I learned that a freak wind blew over a couple vendor tents and knocked over 2 ladies walking by also a couple motorcycles and hit some cars.  Both suffered some non-life threatening injuries but did show up for the dinner.  After the walk and vendor visit, Ken and I took off for the Heart Attack Grill and had a hamburger and a chance to see the waitresses.  We got there as other members were just finishing and getting ready to leave.  To place your order you have to put on a hospital gown and wear a wrist band.  The hamburger was very good, similar to a Fuddruckers hamburger, but later that night at the big banquet I had an attack -just not a heart attack.  I wound up not eating much of the dinner and just went and laid down.  Medication took effect and soon was begining to feel better but I took it easy on food for a while.

The return trip was basically uneventful as we joined up with Dan as Ride Captain and never went over 80 mph the whole trip back.   Dan, our VP (and former President) lead both the ride to Payson and the return trip.  While there may have been a couple lane changes that were unnecessary, I was really impressed with his expertise in handling the group on the road both on the Payson ride and returning, it's not easy leading 7 motorcycles at 75 mph on the freeway or in the mountains.  Total miles round trip, 1,046, now have 2,450 miles total on the Road Star
This is a slide show of all the pictures with captions:  (selected pictures below)

The towels and bed were first class, but getting them to fix the phone never happened.                   

The entire PAYSON TRIP ride group.
THIS IS MY PATCH            

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Traveling Vietnam Wall exhibit at Rose Hills

Two of our vet reps, Stan and Chuck organized a ride to Rose Hills for the opening ceremony of the Wall Exhibit.  Quite a sight, seeing all those names on a replica of the real wall in Washington D.C.  This is a 3/4 size replica with all the names-over 58,000, etched into the black granite (or synthetic) walls.  You can do a pencil rubbing of the names and all are on a computer database to locate anyone you care to look up.  Both Stan and Chuck had several names to look up as they were there.  I am more impressed every time I hear a story from Stan or Chuck about their experiences-truly heroic and I'm sure there are others in our chapter that were there as well.  Stan, a really decorated veteran was a Medic.

 Guest speakers included Sheriff Lee Baca and Sgt Jose Ramos.  Sgt Ramos speech was really from the heart and like many that experienced it has overcome a lot and has become a representative for many California Vets.
Stan on the left and Chuck on the right

Some exhibits and displays of items from the
Viet Nam Experience.