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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is a work in progress and will be updated from time to time as others send me their favorite ride(s) to add to the list or I remember one that I missed.
Criteria will include such factors as one day rides, overnight rides, local rides and inter-state rides that you would do again.

For me this includes the following:

Ride up Hwy 33 out of Ojai on to Lockwood Valley over to Frazier Park near the 5 freeway.  Hwy 33 and also Lockwood Valley Road are not simple roads and offer plenty of challenge if you get tired of Ortega Hwy.  Be sure to stay alert through the passes.  On two different rides, a rider has taken a spill on this route for one reason or another.

Santiago Canyon Road.  This is a very short tour of just over 20 miles but is very close by, and the first road I did in a group of three riders.  If you need to go for a short ride this is it.  You can stop in at Cook's Corners and meet lots of motorcycle riders.  Lost count of the number of times I have been through here.

Anza Borrego Desert ride.  There are two ways to get down to Anza Borrego desert, either from Julian via the Banner Grade -Hwy 78 or off Hwy 79 past Warner Springs to Montezuma Valley Road.  Either way it is very scenic with enough challenges going up or down that you will know you have been on a trip.  In Julian we were not impressed with the Rong-Branch Restaurant.  there may be places in Anza Borrego worth a look.  It's a big all day ride but great views and picture stops.  The ride to Julian on Hwy 79 is a good day ride on it's own and there are a number of routes you can choose to travel in and around the whole area including Mt. Palomar, and Pala or down through the town of Ramona.

Angeles Crest Highway CA 2, from La Canada to Angeles Forest Highway to 14-Antelope Valley and surrounding roads.  Highway 2 is now open all the way to Wrightwood, but I have never gone that far.  A number of roads over and around Angeles Crest including Big Tujunga, Little Tujunga and others are very challenging in spots.  I always fell behind on Chapter rides going over Little Tujunga.  On Hwy 2 There is (or was) a Restaurant called Newcombes Ranch-a favorite with sport bikers.

Trip to Colorado and the San Juan Mountains.  As a really long multi-day ride this was a trip of a lifetime that I would do again.  So much to see along the way including Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, the San Juan mountains around Durango and more.

Ride to Monterey, CA up Hwy 1 Stan mentioned this one.  Up Hwy 101 to the Coast Highway- Route 1 past Hearst Castle, all the way to Monterey.  A good technical road with plenty of turns and twists.  From Monterey we (Ken and I) went to San Jose and stopped in at the Winchester Mystery House.  We missed Alice's Restaurant up in the Redwood Country.  A definite target for the next time. Lots of alternate trips in that area and the Redwood Basin is worth a trip.

Watch for more additions.

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