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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Breakfast in Victorville, lunch in Santa Ysabel 300+ miles

The trip starts out On Saturday at 8:30 am in the Denny's parking lot on Imperial and 57 Fwy.  Destination is Molly Brown's Cafe in Victorville off the 15 Freeway and Mojave.

 Of course we could have had breakfast at Denny's but remember this is a STAR motorcycle group and hard core at that.  Attending this mornings high holy services for breakfast are Johney-ride instigator (Road Star), Wayne (Suzuki C-90), Barry (Road Star), Lynne (V-Star), Ken (V-Star 1300), Richard (Road Star), Stan (Road Liner) and Joe in his little red Smart car. 
A motorcycle is not required
 It's cool and I put on the extra quilted liner in case, and sure enough it gets very cool as we head up to Victorville- dropping below 60 deg. [side note-We pull into park and there is someone new on a V-Star pulling in with us.  He thought we were his group from somewhere else and joined up with us.]

  Breakfast at Molly Brown's is big and more than most can eat.  Stan got the $7.95 steak special and that was huge.  Johney and Joe both ordered some gastronomic multi- itemed many flavored thing with eggs and salsa and who know what and it's even bigger.  I ordered minced ham and eggs with home fries and could not finish it all.

Breakfast over we gas up and head back.  Johney, Stan, Ken and Joe eventually drop off to head back home and it leaves Lynne, Barry, Richard and Wayne to continue the ride south on the 15 Fwy past Corona heading for Pala.

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 Now it's turned into a major ride. Continuing south on the 15,  Wayne pulls off to head over the Ortega (74) Hwy. We get to Clinton Keith road and exit for gas. As we turn around to get back on the freeway guess who's there, it's Wayne. The Ortega had closed due to a fatality accident and so he thought he might catch up with us and DID. We continue south and get off on Fallbrook exit to get Wayne pointed in the right direction, so off goes Wayne on his revised route home. Returning to the freeway I take the lead and exit at 76 and Pala Road. We glide inland past Palomar and famous Lake Henshaw to arrive at Santa Ysabel Casino and Resort. The resort part is their description not mine. We are in time for the $4.95 Prime Rib Special for Seniors and of course go for it. Not bad, the meat was decent size, baked potato and vegetable, and it's $16 for ALL three of us, other menu items seem reasonable as well. Next time we stop here for food instead of Julian for sure plus they have motorcycle parking.

 Heading back, Lynne takes the point and it's a well paced, excellent 48 mile ride on 79 to Temecula. Lynne can do more with that 650 Yamaha than most people I know. Gas in Temecula and head home. Over 300 miles but I lost track. Barry made a comment that I appreciated saying he thought I was one of the most improved riders in the group. I keep trying to work on riding skills so I don't fall back in the curves, and am much improved as far as I can tell. Plus he bought dinner so why would I disagree with him! A few pictures will be available soon. Arrived home around 6 pm. Genevieve and the dog were both still alive when I arrived...just in time.  I have to admit I was wrung out and glad to be back.  Lynne and Barry zipped on up the 15 to head back home and might have taken the long way around.

I now have over 6,500 miles on the Road Star, just bought it in Mid February with zero miles.  Now that is getting hard Core to the max!


Regular gathering at Lucille's Rib Shack on Chapman  and we finally get Kevin (my son) to attend.
Johney tries out Joe's lime green scooter.

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