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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Another Tip Top Breakfast run

We finally get Bob (Concho) to Tip Top for breakfast in Carlsbad.  Tip Top off Mt. Palomar Airport Road, has become a favorite breakfast run probably because they do a great job on breakfast and sandwiches as well.  After several missed opportunities due to weather or scheduling our week day rider buddy, Bob on his Honda ST 1100 finally gets to Tip top. 

 Naturally Bob orders the "Big John" breakfast with Bratwurst, 3 eggs, hash browns and toast for $7.95, BUT you get to go back and order more meat such as bacon or ham or other sausage.  That's a deal.  He was more than pleased with the breakfast.  After breakfast of Ham and eggs, I buy my usual corn beef and a package of Landjeager sausage.
This is Bob (Concho) on his ST 1100

John's Royal Star Venture at Lake Mathews.

John (Cuyo) our third member of this ride trio, wanted to head on to San Diego and Point Loma but neither Bob nor I are feeling the call so we passed on that.  John and I head over Highway 78 to Escondido which is close to where the house with all the explosives is located.  That should be a spectacular fire.  We head up 15 to Clinton Keith Road, where I gas up and then we part company.  John heads over to Lake Mathews, The Riverside National Cemetery and Riverside and I am on the way to Route 74-the Ortega Highway to Santiago Canyon and home.  As usual, john is better prepared and has his camera.  One thing about this group, we all are about the same age and have similar attitudes while on or off the road.

 In remembrance of those heroes of December 7, 1941 in Pearl Harbor and all that gave their life in service to our great nation.  Thanks to John for making the trip out here.

My trip over Ortega Highway was uneventful and my riding skills held up well. I did let three sets of cars go by and a guy on a scooter came whizzing up and passed me, but the guy on skates and the old lady with a walker that had those green tennis balls on the bottom who kept shouting "get out of the way" was a little embarrassing.  Maybe I exxagerate those last two.  If you look close at Antonio Parkway you can see where I got lost.
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 That's about it for another week day ride and breakfast.  Photos courtesy John R. (Cuyo)

Last minute notes...On the 15 heading north from Escondido we passed a car flipped over on it's roof, CHP was already there and it was being handled.  How does a car flip over on a sunny, bright, dry and lightly traveled road?  On the Ortega Hwy up past the lookout there was a tow truck pulling a small pickup truck back up the mountain after it went over the side.  Looked like the possibility of too much speed. 

Monday, December 06, 2010

New motorcycle groups

Working on three motorcycle groups.  There's Wrinkle Riders for the slightly older crowd, then there is the Son's of Agony our new group of riding rebels, and finally the Alzheimers Riders Association for those that forgot where they parked the motorcycle. We need some patches or logos, any ideas?

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Reagan Library -Chapter ride 12/04/2010

The regular first Saturday of the month chapter ride is to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley.  It a bit chilly out this morning at 8 AM and we assemble in our usual spot at the Best Buy Parking lot in Orange.
Dan's award is the Rising Star Award, for outstanding service to STAR and Chapter 230
 There will be two groups of 9-10 motorcycles in each group, I'm in group 2 with Dan and Marcia leading.  Our route takes us up PCH through Malibu to Mulholland Dr. which we miss the first time, requiring a U-turn.  You would think that navigation system on Dan's beautiful red Goldwing would tell him where to turn but he missed it.
  Mulholland is a rather twisty up and downhill road and you have to be on your toes or you can get in trouble.  I did really well and kept up the whole way through and everyone did very well, even a couple of the new guests.

We arrive at the Library, and Johney and I head for the lunch room for a sandwich, where we are soon joined by John R. and Brian.  Luckily we did not come here for the food.  It is very interesting to see the history involved in the Reagan Presidency. 

 A lot of the exhibits are closed due to remodeling but we did see the Oval office where we learn some of the furniture and carpeting are replicas with a few of his actual artifacts on the desk and shelves.  We caught the lecture in the Oval Office by one of the Docents discussing all the details.  By the way, there was no lack of helpful guides and Docents anywhere you looked.  Most if not all are volunteers and it was very well staffed. 

After the Oval office it was on to the Air Force One jet, a Boeing 707.  Space inside the jet was tight with all the seating, and electronics jammed into the plane. 

 We learned that reporters and media folks had to pay their own way on the free ride.  Looking at the communication systems you can tell it was from the 80's before cell phones and modern computers. 

From there we walked over to the Museum Store, bought a pin and a magnet for our refrigerator, then went into the miniature White House exhibit.  The detail was amazing, each room was fully furnished with very small hand made furniture, lamps, chandeliers and paintings matching what would be in those rooms for real.  Pictures were near impossible due to the very low light and flash was not allowed.

 This is a room scene with Lincoln, it is a miniature model, and very low lighting.

We walked over to his grave site and learned Nancy will eventually be buried there along side Pres. Reagan.  The view from that spot is certainly scenic.

Our ride back to Orange went smoothly and we arrived around 3:45 or so with just over 210 miles under our belt.