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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Cabrillo National Monument -Chapter ride

Our January Chapter 230 ride on 01/08/2011, heads to San Diego and the Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma which also includes the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.  Ft. Rosecrans is on both sides of Cabrillo Memorial Drive and I took a special trip back to take a few pictures.  The group did not have time to stop but I made sure to go back and get a few pictures.  Here is a link to the Cemetery website:

Early morning and it's not as cold as it was supposed to be.  Temperature reading was 50 deg. but much better than the predicted 45 deg.  Arriving at our regular ride meeting place at Best Buy on Chapman the crowd starts to gather.  We wind up with a substantial group of 28 motorcycles, and more than 28 riders including passengers. 

 I was showing off the beautiful picture book Daughter-in-law Staci made that absolutely knocked me over when I received it as a surprise holiday Present.  Below is Gregg going over the pictures.

 Chapter officers reading the charter by-laws.


The meeting is extra long due to a required reading of the Chapter charter, signing the required waivers plus updating insurance and membership records, an annual event.  Once that is finished everyone prepares to get underway for a chilly ride down the 5 Freeway to Point Loma off Rosecrans Blvd and the 5 in picturesque San Diego.
We arrive at Cabrillo Park:  I'm in group one led by Terry our President, with Vicki and Stacey right behind him.  Ken I. is wingman with his grandson as passenger.

                        Terry and Vicki- Mr. & Mrs. President.

                               Group 2 arriving right behind us.
More group 2

 You can see the Sub much better is the close-up below-photo Susan Palaoro.  Must be a super telephoto lens to get that close.

                               Point Loma Lighthouse.  I know a lady that has a diamond ring that must be made from one of the search light lenses, it's so big.

After taking some of the pictures above, I saddle up and head back to the Fort Rosecrans Memorial Cemetery that we passed on the way in.  I know John (Cuyo) had wanted to come down here to visit, but he did not make this ride, too bad, would have enjoyed it.  It's a minute back down the road, plus I have a Senior pass to get back into Cabrillo National Park.

 Beautiful scene but also poignant in remembering many buried here gave their lives for this country.  Also buried here are service personnel that deserve a peaceful final resting place for the service they gave and lived on until they passed away.

I went back to the park, took a few more pictures and then we head off for a short ride to lunch.  I missed a big group shot, this is what it looked like after it was over.

Below: the Cabrillo statue.

 Naval Air station and entry way into harbor.
Our next stop is lunch and a bit of a surprise.  I have not been through this area off Rosecrans for quite a while and as we pulled into the parking lot for our lunch stop what do I see...
 The U.S. Navy recruit depot training vessel that was part of my recruit training back in 1962.  It seems to be in the exact same spot it was, they just built a shopping center around it.  Turns out Terry also enjoy some training time on the very same model vessel as I did, just a few years apart.
Lunch went relatively smoothly for a large group and then it's a gas stop at a Chevron (Naturally, for some reason) and then a straight shot up the 5 back to where we started in Orange.
Below: Barry and Stacy-guest riders with Brian in the booth to the left...

Good looking hamburger, I ordered a small chicken and lettuce salad.
Arriving at the Mall parking lot for a ride wrap up we vote in a new member Todd, and as custom, the ladies all gather around to help him win a sympathy vote to become a member.  Usually on your own, a guy just gets no respect, but the lady riders all help out.
A relatively new rider...Stacey on her Victory Vegas. Mostly had been a passenger until now.  Did a first class job from what I could tell.
Well, that's about it, really a short trip, only 215 miles no problems, although a couple cars did decide they wanted to get into our lane rather quickly but well handled by those involved.  At the gas station, took 3 gal. for a 40 MPG average.

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