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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Helendale, Barstow, Calico and Lucerne Valley

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This started out as a Thursday ride to Molly Brown's Cafe in Victorville for breakfast and turned into a longer ride to the Helendale Molly Brown's on old Route 66- sort of out in nowhere and then to Calico Ghost Town and beyond.  We started out with 4 riders, Bob (Concho), Carolyn-new to this group, John (Cuyo) and me, but Bob turned back due to a lack of communication about a last minute change of destination for breakfast.  It was disappointing that he was not made aware of the sudden change in plans and it did cause a bit of consternation among the remaining 3.  One of the problems with being on the road you have no way to really communicate unless with CB radio or other form of wireless link or try and flag the leader down if possible, it really should have been worked out before leaving.  The road along Rte. 66 where he gave up was fairly narrow and no real place to pull over.  Sadly, missing a valued member of our weekday crew we push on.  I'm hoping Bob will be able to put this behind him and stay in touch with our little crew.

 It's chilly to cold out here and I add the glove liners to keep fingers warm.
Comparing Molly Brown's breakfast to Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad, Molly Brown wins hands down for me. The senior breakfast with 2 french toast, 2 strips of bacon and scrambled egg for $5.99 is a winner, and the french toast is better, plus you get table service. Life is good. Really enjoyed the addition of Carolyn to our small group as a very competent rider and interesting person. I did not take my camera this trip as it was originally supposed to be up and back, but if you ride with John (Cuyo), the road usually stretches out a bit longer and there is more to see and photograph.  Photos supplied by Cuyo and Carolyn.

Before we ever got to Victorville, we had to go through Alta Loma on Interstate 15 and the wind was blowing down the Cajon Pass across the freeway. As we got within 4-5 miles or so of the 15 & 215 junction we pass a number of trucks parked on the side of the road waiting it out for the wind to die down. The next thing we see is a huge semi-truck on it side, blown over by the strong winds whipping across the road. We did not get blasted off the motorcycles but it was a bit tense hanging on as we pushed through the wind.  When we do arrive in Victorville the temperature drops even further and it is rather chilly out, lucky I wore the heavy jacket.

After breakfast we head for the old Calico Ghost Town and ride through Barstow past an old train station and railroad museum I had never seen before, John knows his way around.
 A brief stop at the entrance to Calico for some snapshots, we opt for lesser traveled  side roads back through Lucerne Valley to Apple Valley and on down to Hwy 138 past Silverwood Lake and then to the 15 and home.  Be sure to check the map for the entire route.

About 265 miles for breakfast, and some interesting sight seeing.  Is the French Toast really that good?

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Ken said...

Looks like fun! I know what you mean about communication...