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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

South West STAR BQ Ventura, CA March 25-27

March 25-26-27.  Arrive Friday, Saturday Banquet and depart Sunday at the Marriott Hotel in Ventura, CA for the South west STAR BQ hosted by Chapter 258 Ventura.  So much was happening- people to meet, things to do, Places to eat, vendors to visit, jello shots to taste (2) and a ride or two to go on, that  I basically suffered information overload making it difficult to relate all that I experienced.   I'm not in this group photo, this was the Saturday morning Trivia Ride and I bailed due to some stomach issues.
Our very first hurdle was the weather.  Will the rain clear up Friday morning, will we run into more rain on the way, should we go by motorcycle, all sorts of questions.  The doubt and uncertainty was put to rest when Pres. Terry sent out an e-mail that the long mountain ride previously scheduled was canceled and that he promised the weather would clear up for a motorcycle ride straight up on the 101 Fwy, if we leave at 10AM, and sure enough that is exactly what happened.  "Terry said it would be like this". 

Our group meets at Best Buy with the late arrival of Ed, his son Matthew, plus Joe and his wife on a Harley both Ed and Joe are from Chino area.  We have not seen Ed for some time but nice to have him and his son along.  Also in the Group are Chuck and Patti, Johney, Ed and Susan-Ride Captain, Dan, Jim R. and Kim, Carolyn, and me, a total of 9 motorcycles and two trailers.  I get to be Wing Man for Ed.

Our gas stop on the way and it's not for cheap gas.

After arriving and checking in, Johney and I head for the In-N-Out burger across the street for a quick lunch. Johney then heads back home after visiting the vendors and buying a new STAR-Vet patch. He just came along for the ride up and back.  On Saturday when I dropped out of the Trivia ride, I get a call from John Ruhland that he is at the hotel, so it was OK with me that I did not go on the ride and had a chance to spend some time visiting with John and later Terry and Vicki and others while sitting in the patio. 

We ride over to Wood Ranch Bar-B-Que for dinner Friday and after taking a winding tour through the mall...isn't GPS wonderful, in theory at least.  At the end of the dinner one of our new members decided to buy dinner for everyone, we are all in shock to say the least.  I am not putting their name here to protect a valuable resource.

After dinner relaxing:

Saturday morning bright and early we meet at Carrows for breakfast but I drop out of the Trivia Ride.

The pictures tell most of the story...
Karaoke at the meet and greet...


 Room gets crowded.
It's in a small room and the noise is deafening, but it makes everyone's singing sound better.
Sharon works with Staci my daughter-in-law, and now new friends.

Ed lets his son visit the Vendors alone with a credit card I guess, and here's what he bought, he is definitely a good shopper.
A motorcycle Rodeo with contests for making a tight turn in a box, or going through a maze of cones.  A lot tougher than it looks.  There is some short video as well.

 The red tape marks off how tight a turn you make.  If your wheel goes inside the first marks you get five points with lower scores as you turn wider, putting a foot down or going out of the box is a fail.

 Our 230 group standing along the sidelines.

These are three short videos of the "Box" trials.

Interesting non-stock saddlebags with lighted markers on the corners.
The Saturday evening banquet is the highlight of the event, with prizes handed out, and congratulations for a fantastic event to those that made it happen.  We also get a special treat from Kyle Cease, son of Alan Cease-founder of STAR, as a stand-up comic.  He really helped make the night special with some great stories and life experiences.  Food was excellent as well, with salad, corn on the cob, drunken (?) black beans, potato salad, BBQ chicken and BBQ ribs plus peach cobbler.  A great job by all those that made it possible.


  It's a really big crowd with a couple hundred or more attending.  Lighting was not great to take good pictures.
 Here's Ed trying on some stylish new outfits and a zipper hair thing.

Carolyn, now known as the hot biker chick that rides with the Wrinkle Riders.  How did Ginger find out about that?

Sunday I take a walk to the beach while waiting for departure time, it's still grey skies and a bit cool but the beach is very scenic.

 What exactly is this guy doing, praying, reading bomb making instructions, looking for the lost Cortez gold, I have no idea.  If he is praying I think he is facing the wrong direction if Muslim...

Sunday morning at we head back to Orange county but take the coast route on PCH by going through Oxnard where one of our group has an incident with a car and driver that just did not look where they were going.  In a turn, one of our riders went to move to an open lane and so did the car causing contact resulting in a dropped motorcycle.  It was low speed, the motorcyle has engine guards which got bent, the rider had some good leather gear so minimal damage to both rider and motorcycle.  After a brief rest and repair we all continue on.  Just a quick lesson on why you should ALWAYS wear gear of some sort while on a motorcycle.  NO rain on the way back except for some residual water on the road along the coast.

My mileage on the 2009 Road Star is now at 19,940 miles so we should cross over the 20,000 mile mark fairly soon.  The only way I get to add material to the blog is to do rides like this, somehow it was all meant to be.  Additional photos courtesy of Susan Palaoro.