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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Pioneer Town, the Sequel

The ride last Tuesday to Pioneer Town and Crestline was so much fun (insane) we had to do it again, only this time leave out the Crestline part.  This was our regular first Saturday of the month Chapter 230 Ride, so naturally the Snow & Cinder group, Ed, Johney, chuck, Carolyn and me had to do it again along with 25 other motorcycle riders plus passengers.  This time we get lunch at Pioneer Town and it turns out to a be much better experience than on another ride over a year ago.

Just about everybody shows up along with several new and returning newer riders,  and passengers.  There will be 3 groups of 10 riders in each group and I'm in group two with Ed and Susan on their Honda Gold Wing leading.
 That's Carolyn, she survived the Tuesday ride and is back for more.
 Attendees for the morning meeting are catching up with friends they haven't seen since the last ride.
 Jim McClain and Pete Black our two Ortega Highway junkies make an appearance before blasting off to burn some rubber heading to Lake Elsinore and back in under 4 minutes or something.

The easiest way to solve a low tread problem like that is get a soldering iron and just burn in some new tread looking grooves, cheaper than a new tire by far.
Since I covered so much of the ride in the previous post I'll just add a lot of the pictures along with a couple short videos I took.  One video at Pioneer Town at lunch, an other at our end of the ride greeting and wrap-up as performed by Terry our President, plus a short clip of Group 1 riders leaving the gas station at Cabazon.  Chevron station off Fields Road at Cabazon is our usual stop for gas.

Ed asked me what could he do to improve the ride and I told him go faster...that took him by surprise, but the pace the whole way was spot on.  Except for missing one turn. 

 This little bull dog just wandered in looking to mooch some fries from a few people.

 Picture below, Richard and Monica on the right front, Rac and Rose on the right toward the back with Todd and Mary on left front and Bob Barbano on left rear of table.

 The rain must have really washed through here, leaving quite a gulch.


 This is Pioneer Town- it is not a real town just sort of a movie set but there are a couple stores and a bowling alley that are for real.

Very nice Stratoliner, bought it used and it came with everything and only 5,000 miles, Richard and Monica on their first ride with 230.  Maybe I should have gotten the Stratoliner, but then again there is always Craigslist.

On State road 173 we came to a large stream crossing the road if you look at the picture you will see a pot hole that was covered by 3-4 inches of water.  It was dry when this photo was taken but there was plenty of water on Tuesday and nearly as much plus more sand all across the road here on Saturday.  See actual road photos below.

View Larger Map
Here are several fabulous photos of the water crossing provided by Susan Palaoro, try doing that on a cruiser motorcycle, we all did!
On Highway 138 after we pass Silverwood Lake it gets a bit twisty, here is a Street View photo:
This is the lunch group in the video below, except for Barry and Stacey who had to drop out due to an electrical problem, but then showed up before we were all through and I missed the picture opportunity...good job on the part of Jim Rawlinson Tail Gunner and the Harley dealer near Riverside. Nearly 40 riders and passengers in all. We took over the joint. My hamburger was at least good or slightly better than good anyway.

End of Ride meeting and wrap-up by Terry.

I hope to include more and longer videos in future blogs, helps enhance the the story impact I think.
That is it for Pioneer Town, we don't need to go back there for at least another year, but then again you never know.  The next big trip coming up is to a STAR-BQ multi-chapter meet in Ventura, CA and naturally we ride through Kansas or some place close before we get there.  There is absolutely no reason to head straight up the 101 to Ventura, that's plain crazy.  At this rate, I'll blow right through my mileage alottment for March and wind up near 20,000 miles on the Road Star after 13 months of ownership.

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