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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Where are all the Poppies? -230 April Ride

First thing that happened as I coasted down my driveway to the street on Saturday April 2, 2011 at about 7:30 AM was noticing my odometer on the Road Star.  20,000, yes 20,000 miles exactly on the meter.   All those miles in 14 months since I bought it last February 2010.  Had to stop for a picture.   
Took the picture and it's off to our group gathering in the Best Buy parking lot to meet some of my very best friends and serious acquaintances.  If you wonder what a "serious acquaintance" is, we will have to get back to you on that.  Since adding a new and bigger chip in the camera I am trying to do longer videos and will eventually be forced to learn how to edit them as well.  This is part of our ride briefing and general meeting as led by Terry our esteemed President.
Looks like it's another big group with at least 30 motorcycles, and riders plus additional passengers.

 Photo above, that's Matthew and his Dad Ed riding with us today.  They were on the ride to Ventura just this past week.  Is Matthew having a good time or what?

 The Black FJR belongs to Rick Wade, he and wife Lori on their first ride with 230.  There's more to this story below.
OK, this is funny, at least to me anyway.  I get talking to Lori a new guest about her very nice V-Star 950 Touring model.  It's really loaded and she tells me she just bought it at LeBard's Yamaha in La Habra and got a good deal on it, which I concurred with.  Turns out a friend of mine just getting in the idea of riding a motorcycle after taking the beginner course, had looked at the very same motorcycle on sale as a hardly used model with just 1,500 miles at LeBard's.  I had even gone to see the same motorcycle when I stopped in at the dealer and told him it was a very good package and the price was reasonable.  He later e-mailed me stating he saw this lady riding by on that motorcycle and assumed correctly it had been sold.  Well, as it turns out this is the lady and this is the motorcycle on her first ride with STAR 230.   HERE THEY ARE...
Lori and her very nicely loaded V-Star 950!
Small World.
 A gas stop in Sunland heading for the mountains and on to Lancaster area to the Poppy Reserve.
We arrive after getting some very stiff breezes as we get closer to our primary destination, but where are the poppies?

 Yes, there is a poppy!

You can really hear the wind whipping around us.
We paid $5 to stand around and look at the weeds, you had to be there to appreciate the moment.  Now it's off to our lunch destination- the Rock Inn on the old road to Bakersfield near Lake Elizabeth.

As usual our President Terry and Mrs. President Vicki figured the wait at the Rock Inn would be long, so they collected all the money in advance and we get to pick one of 4 sandwiches to help speed up thing for our large group.   ***** I rate the strategy 5 out of 5 STARS for thinking ahead on this one.  We get there and within just a couple minutes food is being brought out, sandwiches distributed, drinks poured and we are all happy campers.  Not only that but we park in a convenient location even though on dirt, making it easy to exit.  My exit maneuver however was terrible as I pull out and cross over the double yellow while vehicles are passing, Darn Darn.

 Very good BBQ Tri-tip plus fries and ice tea total $15 for everything, a really smart move.
 Our own almost private dining area.

 Here's Lori again ready to pull out with group 1.  My friend is going to be so jealous.
Coming back we go through the crazy Sand Canyon Road south of the 14 Freeway.  It's a difficult twisty road that really wore me out the previous two times I traversed it. 
 This time, much better to say the least.  Gary, one of our tailgunners even noticed the major improvement and provided very positive feedback.  He has not been on a ride for quite a while so just had not noticed how well I am doing with riding skills these days.  Total of about 260 miles for me.  Added photos from Rose Cossart


Unknown said...

Thanks for the pics n Blog..Rac

CUYO/FlowerFly said...

Your are right that Yamaha Star was loaded. Sounds like the price was great.

It is a wonder to experience the sight when the poppies are hip high.