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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Jan 7, 2012 First Saturday of the month ride

Chapter 230-Star Touring and Riding- It’s our first ride and official meeting for 2012.  On Saturday January 7 at our usual Best Buy location on Chapman Ave. we wind up with a big group of around 35 motorcycles and even more riders including passengers.  A requirement of STAR is that our 230 charter is read aloud to publish the fact that we have an actual charter.  This took up a good bit of time delaying the start of our ride until around 9:30 AM.  Our destination is Mt. Soledad near Mission Bay and La Jolla on the edge of San Diego. 

 Scott's new Police Special Ultra

We stop on I-5 at the usual rest stop and take a short break

The ride down the coast on Interstate 5 is uneventful and after an easy climb up the road we arrive up at the top of the mountain with an overview of just about all of San Diego.  If it was clear maybe we could even see Hawaii.  The trip down the mountain was much steeper on the other side, encountering a 15% grade with several twists and turns winding up in La Jolla.

 Rose and I take a break from all the walking and wait for the shuttle bus, never shows.  -photo by Carolyn W.

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

 What might you ask is the highlight of this trip, is it the reading of the Chapter charter, or meeting with all my STAR friends, the motorcycle ride down I-5, starting off a new year with a great group of people, the view from Mt. Soledad or having lunch at Islands Hamburgers.  Well, this time I have to go with lunch at Islands, even though catching up with all the STAR members and guests should come in as the major highlight of the day.  It’s been a couple years since eating at an Islands Hamburger place so I am elated to learn there has been a major breakthrough, possibly due to a change in management or maybe watching a few episodes of Restaurant Impossible or something.  At last I can order a hamburger with Thousand Island dressing, I can order a salad with the burger at no extra charge instead of requiring a separate order of fries and they have Sweet & Low sweetener for my Passion Fruit iced tea.  Yes life is good.  It seems they must have had an epiphany of sorts at the home office to give the customer what the customer wants instead of forcing the customer to have what Islands wants us to have.  This literally warrants a letter to their home office in praise of the new (to me) menu.  Back at home I ask Mrs. Rider why we don't go to Islands and she had the answers right off the bat, confirming my excitement at the new options.
After a quick gas stop at the Mobil station (my favorite due to a 3% rebate credit) at the bottom of the hill, we turn on the I-5 and head home or at least to our final stop at the El Torito on Ball Rd.

I used to be able to imbed Google Maps and Street View photos but for some unknown reason can no longer get them to work in the Blog.  Very frustrating. I took photos off the monitor to fill in the missing Google views.  Breaking news-I am good -figured out how to post the Google pics and Street View see above.

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