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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

De Luz Rd.-Chapter 230 and 5 other chapters

Ride to De Luz Road
Now I know why Chapter President Ed was so anxious about the Saturday, February 4th ride.  It was going to be big but until everyone showed up there was no way to determine just how big it would be.  Turns out it is one of the biggest chapter rides ever.  We had STAR members from Chapter 422 Saddleback Valley, Riverside, Ventura, Pasadena and Los Angeles.  There were about 80 members and guests at the morning meeting and 63 motorcycles with 72 riders and passengers starting out on the ride. 

 This is Charlies new horn/siren.  Not only is it "LOUD" but it really is a siren.  I definitely think he is the more horn the better winner.  The controller box is in the trunk.

 A lot of riders, members and guests from five other chapters

 We had 2 special guests: Marge Cunningham-Western LOS Coordinator with husband Colin, and Shari Wendt-eastern LOS Coordinator, with her Husband Dave from Illinois. LOS is our Ladies of Star for all the lady Riders and passengers in the Chapters.

 The meeting included February birthday greetings for John and Minita. John only gets a birthday every 4 years having been born on Feb. 29. Since we had so many new to our group riders the safety briefing was more intense than usual. Dan had the best voice for this large a group and his hand signal review was spot on.

This ride was so big a baby was born along the way and two Peruvians on bicycles joined up somewhere back in one of the groups…it was BIG.  It was so big that Wayne missed the entire group waiting along the freeway for Chapter 230 to pass by; not realizing all 6 groups WAS Chapter 230.

I recognize a number of guests from several chapters including Tony Barbano, Bob Barbano, Dan, Vince, Ron, Don Thomas and many others whose name just escapes..  Most of them are in some of the photos.  Several attended but were unable to ride for various reasons including Stan, Larry and Tony.
We get to the rest stop in I-5 and I swear the exact same group of Chinese or Japanese tourists are waiting there to take our pictures. 

 I am beginning to believe they actually live at the rest stop and are some crazy cult jumping out and taking pictures of any motorcycles that stop.
A big congratulation goes out to Ed and Scott plus others that helped put all this together and make it such a success. I can’t say enough good things about how Ed, Susan, VP Chuck, Johney, John Ruhland, Scott and others are helping to make the chapter as much fun and enjoyable as it has ever been. 

  Our only gas stop on Clinton Keith Road then it’s on to Hemet via Winchester Rd and Ramona Expressway.
There was one minor scrape on the way from De Luz to Los Gatos Rd. then to Via Volcan.  Los Gatos is a very steep and poorly banked road that has the road going up to the left and the lean angle going the wrong way to the right. 

 This is a scan able Google photo that you can move around.
We all made it to the top of Los Gatos but one rider in another group did take a slow speed drop at the top after negotiating the tough part and hitting some gravel taking a spill.  Some cosmetic damage to metal parts, but no real damage to the rider luckily.  As Carolyn said: “We must respect the gravel”

View Larger MapThis is my best recollection of the route we took.  Parts of it after the gas stop are a bit uncertain, until we get to lunch on Cajalco at the 15 Fwy.

Lunch was mostly at Chili’s but several went to the Macaroni Grill next door.  Food service was slow as usual and my hamburger was basically burnt but otherwise it went well.  Total miles for this outing was about 218 for me and my total mileage reading now stands at 31, 690 after 2 years exactly on the Road Star.

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