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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Orange Motorcycle Group Thursday bike night report

If you did not attend tonight Thursday’s weekly Orange Motorcycle Group meeting you missed a real happening. This was not like a motorcycle bike night but really more a family reunion and gathering. We had "relatives" (former week day riders) Rick and Tammy come in from Arizona showing up with their dog. Rick was to be the third rider on the Colorado trip last September 2011, but turned back due to battery problems, founder of the Week Day Riders group, and now an owner of a new Victory Vision. There was Ed & Susan all the way from Fountain Valley plus Ken on the Gold Wing from Mission Viejo and all the rest of our big and growing family exactly like you would find in any wonderful family gathering. When I arrived, Doug was there, and then Johney, Chuck, Wayne from Laguna Woods, and the rest began arriving including William & Daveta Jo, Brian-the pilot, Glenn, Carolyn, John R., Joe walking toward me as I was outside taking a couple photos, Jim R. rode in on the Harley, and finally just before it was all over Stan made his scheduled appearance.  Some of the photos are rather shaky due to low lighting.

 This was shared by John after attending the Flag ceremony in downtown Orange.and was given to him by one of the Veterans in attendance.
Glenn tried his best to fill me in on what was happening at his “elite” table, plus he brought a HOG magazine with a photo shot of a motorcycle and rider on the road in Monument Valley similar to my own signature photo I use on e-Mail. Naturally this gets him a good mention in our write up. Ed asked to see my new Invicta watch or as we call it the boat anchor, it is so heavy and I got a chance for a little show and tell. Also William brought me a movie CD “Waking Ned Devine” a delightful movie from the trailer I watched, that is the source of a photo I posted showing a skinny shirtless rider on a motorcycle, definitely going to watch it. .
We refer to this guy as our Wrinkle Rider Road Captain

Tammy shared an interesting bit of a story about an attractive lady rider she meet at a totally different meeting a while back that was a little more than unusual in that this person did not start out in life as a lady. This has never come up in any of our prior meetings but immediately triggered the following thoughts. As part of a new policy and procedure for gender verification in our meetings, just to be on the safe side, it might be a good idea to institute some sort of way to check. The ideas are endless, and I’m sure we will have no problem recruiting volunteers.

John Ruhland brought the roll of tickets for a raffle, but our group really has no system for holding a raffle so it just went nowhere as far as I could tell. We learned from Ken that there is a possible way to save on dental bills by going to Mexico and using the dental clinics across the border. Only problem I can see is the drug sniffing dogs will have to get in your face to make sure any crowns are not made from illegal drugs.

Lots of fun, great Bar-B-Cue and 19 of us pretty much owned the place. If nothing else all the chatter and laughter might have scared some of the other patrons away. Actually a server told me no one seemed to be scared off-(I did not see Glenn scare anyone on purpose). A meeting like this makes it easy to do a write up and almost an obligation to share the good times with those that could not make it. Maybe it will motivate some to attend a future meeting of the Orange Motorcycle Group just to see what is going on. Watch for a bulletin about next Thursday's March 8 meeting at Tutto Fresco in Orange.  Connect up on Facebook for current updates.

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