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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Recognition Ride

A special invitation from our president and esteemed leader Ed to join the Pre-Ride to Mt. Palomar is based on the fact that I outlined the route in the first place.  We were asked to submit ideas for ride routes and I mapped out a ride to Mt. Palomar including gas stop info and a lunch suggestion that is accepted…how about that.  The route I outlined and the one we did vary slightly to make it more interesting and avoid going down and back on the same roads, which made sense.

Everything is a bit more relaxed as evidenced by these photos...

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The basic route is down the 5 to Hwy 76 past the Pala Casino to the South Grade turnoff up Mt. Palomar then back down the East Grade road to Lake Henshaw.  As usual we stop at the I-5 Rest Stop where the regular Chinese photographers pop out for photo opportunities.

 It is a very curvy tight twisty road going up the South Grade.  That all went amazingly well for me on the Stratoliner and I figure that either they made the road wider, the curves were straightened out or possibly the whole crew went slower just so I could keep up.  Apparently none of that is true so it must mean I am adjusting very well on the new Stratoliner.

  Small patches of snow still cling to life in a few spots.
We spent a few minutes at the observatory gift shop though no one actually walked all the way over to the telescope dome, and then it’s time to head down the East Grade toward Santa Ysabel and Lake Henshaw.  I had proposed we stop at the Santa Ysabel Indian Casino for lunch but since those decisions are above my pay grade we ate at a tiny place called The Hideout on Hwy 76 near where it joins Hwy 79. 

  Exterior view- The Hideout, I have a T-shirt from my very first visit years back on a ride with some Southern California riders and I think I had a Chili dog then as well.  That group connected online through a beginner bikers forum and several are still in touch to this day. 
I had a Chili Dog and a diet Coke in a can for $9 and it was basically the same as you can get at Costco for $1.50 except for the chili with some cheese sprinkled on top.  After that, Ed was willing to take a look at the Santa Ysabel Casino option and was kind enough to let me lead the group to the top of the steep drive and park in the motorcycle spot at the casino.  After meeting with the catering manager it looks like we are set for the next ride to return for a really good deal at the casino for lunch.  So it winds up my idea on the lunch spot works out also.

This is me leading the group over to the Casino, on the road photo by Susan Palaoro

My main objective on this ride was to get better acquainted with the new motorcycle as I will be taking it on the ride to Tucson and back next week.  As far as I could tell all went very well with the ride and my stamina held up also even though it still seems to ride rougher than the Road Star.  I did shake up a couple people apparently when I had my chance to lead by coming to a stop at the 76/79 intersection then taking off at a rather higher rate of speed than expected leaving everyone behind for a while.

On the return ride up I-15 Johney and I split off from the rest and head to my home so he could pick up some supplies to attach a couple new parts to the “Liner”. On the way up the 15 while doing 75 mph or so, a motorcycle passes by us going between vehicles and splitting lanes at around 80 MPH, that guy was crazy for sure.
I tried to keep track of gas mileage but totally forgot to write down one of the fill-ups, but I am guessing around 38 MPG this trip.

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withheld by request said...

I love your blog and outlook on things. you know something, I agree with the i-5 rest stop with the japanese photogs. they are thee EVERY time I have stopped there in the last 10 years. Kinda like the t.v. show LOST. Possibly thier vacation over and they were left behind and do not know it.
Glen Scarberry