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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

PCH to Agoura Hills Chapter 230 Ride -Saturday

Patty and Jerry Gehrls -Jerry past President of 230

The Rain was howling and the wind was pouring or I thought I heard words to that effect.  Stories of road trips past were flying fast and furious at my table during lunch.  There was Jim R. talking about how a wind burst coming from behind once nearly tore his windshield and fairing off the motorcycle while on the road, and then Carolyn regaling us with her one day record of over 680 miles when riding solo back to Arkansas to visit her daughter.  Michael (Stratoliner) and I were listening intently as we learned that Jim has put as many as 67,000 miles on his motorcycle in one year,  and recently another 40,000+ miles, now that is a lot of riding.  When discussing the number of states visited Carolyn immediately got to working on her list of 20 states traveled in so far, even writing it down on a handy napkin on the table just to make sure she remembered them all.  I have California, Nevada, Arizona New Mexico, Utah and Colorado colored in on my sew on map patch, with two of those originally coming from a visit to the 4 Corners site on the way to Durango in 2009, since made legit on later travels.

Our Saturday August 4thChapter 230 ride takes us on a route designed by Terry B. by taking some spaghetti and throwing it on a map of roads off PCH near Malibu.
First gas stop after only about 55 miles, but it worked out quite well.

  We went up, down, around, through and over just about any kind of turn you can imagine and where did we wind up, right back on PCH just a few miles up the road. This was a great opportunity to hit some less traveled roads that I had never been on so it was really quite interesting. If you want to see some 10% grade roads there is one up there that took us right back to the coast highway, with a chance to spot a deer standing in a front yard as we all zipped by. It is always fascinating to see that people live up in these little nooks and crannies of development off the beaten track.
 No idea what road that is down there, but some nice scenery from up here.

 We get to a pullout and stop for a couple photos, very thoughtful of Ed to take the few minutes.  At this point I look down into the valley below and am shocked to find we are not at 10,000 feet elevation as I thought after all those hard turns going uphill. 

Returning to PCH we turn right for just a few short miles to Latigo Canyon Road and right back up into the hills behind the Malibu coastal area and heading up and over some more spaghetti roads towards our lunch destination.  The condition of pavement on Latigo is poor at first and it does slow me down more than I would like and I wind up falling behind a bit on the whole route, not bad but still I had hoped to be able to keep up better.  I suspect I am getting a bit tired but still doing OK otherwise.  Looking at the riders in front of me that I can’t catch up with, there is Susan on her V-Star 950 doing really well after being a newer rider for just about 2 years, very impressive.

The entire ride group consisted of over 30 motorcycles divided into 3 groups with Ed-President, Dan and Terry both past presidents leading the groups, including a contingent of riders from Chapter 109 lead by Bob Barbano on his Raider.  Because of a 10 year anniversary party Sunday we also have with us Patty and Jerry Gehrls visiting from Tennessee, Jerry was president when I came aboard several years ago. Where was our lunch destination…?  None other than the Islands restaurant off the 101 in Agoura.  Lunch went smoothly and we saddled up for the return ride on the warm but not blazing hot 210 freeway to the 57 and back to Ball Road.  We did encounter a hold up coming to the 60 Freeway that forced us on to surface streets through Diamond bar to connect back with the 57 south and I could tell I was getting a bit overheated at that point.  Good thing I drank some more Gatorade before we left the last gas stop.
Another great chapter ride goes in the history books.

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