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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bike Night meeting Ch. 230 Huntington Beach

As I rolled into an open spot in the parking lot of Woody’s Diner I first noticed some classic cars parked on the lot (see photos) and then I look up and see Ed and Susan walking toward the front of the building and my first thought was, Oh, oh, are they leaving or something. Ed spotted the look of panic on my face and later at the table mentioned he saw my look of concern whether something was wrong or if anyone would show up. It is obvious that being able to hide how I feel in many situations has long gone out the window, no wonder I don’t play poker.
I was not sure that attendance would be significant for our Thursday gathering due to it being new and much further south than we normally meet for our regular Chapter 230 moving bike nights. Tonight certainly proved just how viable adding new locations in the Huntington Beach area are turning out to be. Not only was it a significant number of attendees but those that did were all special as well. I walk in to the patio and Ed, Susan and Richard “Taz” Green are already there. It was a rare treat to have Taz, who lives in the area, on board, but because our meeting locations have been more inland, it is not fun dealing with north bound traffic to the City of Orange area. Another couple Anna and Gary Felkel made a very rare appearance as well and again it is proximity and not having to contend with crazy traffic going north. With us tonight is Barb making a solo appearance, another beach area member, but not Rick due to his attending a training class.

As minutes pass more arrive with Doug and Cindy rolling in and then to my surprise none other than Daveta Jo and William. It was really encouraging to see Daveta able to walk in as her bubbly self while dealing with a very pesky inner ear problem. For me personally, I could revel in the quiet joy of seeing her able to make the meeting and be with a great group of 230 friends. We could not get any potato salad commitment out of Will, but continue to work on it. The meeting cannot get started until Brian H. arrives and sure enough we can finally get going. Last time I failed to mention the knee problem Cindy is dealing with, but it seems we are building a rather substantial armamentarium of medical expertise in the areas of head, sinus, knee problems or surgery up to and including replacement, so don’t hesitate to bring us your intractable medical condition, we can handle it and look forward to evaluating what ails you. Be sure to bring your medical insurance card to the next meeting, it might come in handy.
We are missing a number of our regular attendees including Glenn, Chuck, Patty, Carolyn and Mark all heading to Reno for Street Vibrations. If they would visit Yorba Linda more often, the regular occurring earthquakes could fill that void in their lives. Stan and Connie met with Teresa Ruhland so they could not make it as well. Johney had other commitments.
This Woody’s location will likely not be on the regular rotation as the patio is the only area offering barely adequate accommodations for our group, along with service that was a lot slower than desired, the food however met with approval. There is another Woody’s on Adams near Brookhurst that might be better suited and worth a second try.
The meeting tonight was all about being able to look to your right or left and across the table and see a friendly face and hear a welcome voice, you can’t get this on Facebook, Twitter or off the internet and it all happens because of our common passion for a rather unique form of transportation for fun, excitement, travel and adventure.
One other note, Ed sent out an e-Mail with a summary of upcoming trips for Chapter 230, if you are not on board yet with some of them check it out. It is a very handy guide and really thoughtful to make that available. Plus the fund raiser party planned for November will be at a venue offering all sorts of amenities, games and fun, be sure to watch for info. Well that’s the report, now I have to go watch another episode of The Mentalist. Johney and Stan have Sons of Agony/Anarchy, I have The Mentalist. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Portillo’s in Buena Park next Thursday.
These were here for a meeting as well, I know John would know everyone of them most likely.


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