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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ch. 230 Bike Night, Birthday, PGR and more 10/25/12

 If I took anything away from tonight’s Chapter 230 Official Bike Night meeting it was the sage advice from Patty G. about buying gifts for wives in particular, since we celebrated Genevieve’s October 24 birthday with a cake here tonight and the subject of gifts came up.  You might wonder what was this rather noteworthy gem of deep insight that instantly has a solid ring of absolute truth about it?  “Never buy your wife a gift that has to be plugged in”.  That’s it, profound simplicity itself.  Buy her a Jaguar one year, the next you drop down and buy her a hand held plug-in dust vacuum and the following year you get a divorce-WORD.

 I was going to save this one in case I needed a loan or gift from Glenn but could not resist.

 I’m taking back the blender ASAP…no never bought it.  Naturally the thought of going all out this year for this milestone birthday of LXXV years (figure it out), for Genevieve and maybe getting her that new Victory Cross Roads Core Custom motorcycle she has always wanted would be just the thing to make a real impression instead of some not very creative jewelry or perfume.  If only it was that simple or if I wanted to actually buy it, at least she liked the cake and flowers.  The rest is still in the works.

I can't take credit for this batch of flowers, sent by some friends.
Turnout was very good with a few not so regulars showing up as well as many of the steadfast members of our Thursday bike night crew making a consistent appearance.  Beside a sharing of some tasty Albertsons Birthday cake and a round of “Happy Birthday” offered by everyone; the conversations went from Death Valley to Yucca Valley to Chino Hills, to motorcycles and beyond.  I learned that Vicki Fry now has a V-Star 650 of her own and will be riding it around locally to develop her two wheel skills- Way to go.  Brian was having CB antennae problems on the Gold Wing but is now considering using semaphore flag signals instead to reduce static and interference.  Waving those flags around to send a message will take some getting used to on the mountain roads I would guess.

We had a special guest from STAR Chapter 415, their President Frank joined us tonight as well as seeing him on today’s Patriot Guard mission at Los Alamitos air station as escort service for Thomas R. Macpherson SGT. US ARMY Killed in Afghanistan 10/12/2012.  Joining me on this sad mission was Johney H.; Stan P. and Chuck G. along with hundreds of PGR motorcycle riders, police, sheriff and military personnel, it was a huge turnout for a fallen hero with his former high school turning out every student and faculty member to witness the cavalcade pass by.  A moment was taken to remember John Ruhland and his faithful attendance at many of these missions. 
Stan, Johney, Me, Chuck

Standing out in the sun on the rather warm asphalt and concrete can be very draining and sure enough one PGR Rider standing in front of me started to go down and several of us grabbed for him and a couple guys caught his arms to keep him from falling hard so he gently collapsed due to the heat.  Military people came over and whisked him away to a cooler and shadier location.  I had been rocking and flexing my legs, feet and bending at the knees keeping me from suffering the same fate.

The list of tonight’s attendees reads like the chapter roster so let’s hope I get everyone.  First and foremost is President Ed and Susan, VP Chuck and Patti, Mike and Vicki, Johney, Wayne, Brian B. (Flyin Brian), Brian H., Bill our trike expert, William but no Daveta Jo,  Luis and Minita, Glenn, Carolyn, Ken I., Richard G. (Taz), Mark & Evlee, and Genevieve and I.

As the meeting started to wind down, Carolyn brought out an amazing collage of postcards showing all the states she traveled in on her Wisconsin trip with the centerpiece a fabulous on-the-road photo of her on a Malibu ride, the photo is the total essence of her passion for riding motorcycles.  There were lots more but I guess you had to be there to really know what happened…be sure to make the next one.

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