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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Chapter 230 Ride to Crystal Lake 10/6/12

Crystal Lake store-  photo by Doug
Our first Saturday of the month STAR Touring Chapter 230 ride will wind up at Crystal Lake, a small lake with camping and store located at the very end of Highway 39 north of Azusa.  Naturally we take the long way around, which in this instance means leaving Chapman Ave. and the Best Buy parking lot to head south towards the Ortega Highway.  Before we leave there is a standard meeting and all the attendees gather in the parking lot to hear our President Ed read off announcements, upcoming rides, parties and other events.  What is noticeable is that Ed is standing unassisted, no cane or other support, just a few short weeks (6 or 7) after a major knee replacement and what is even more significant is that he will be riding his Gold Wing on these very winding twisty roads ahead.

When I awoke this morning and looked at the clock it was 6:45 AM but I had planned to get up at 6:00 AM, something happened, either the alarm did not go off or it did and I just slept through it, either way I had to get going.  Arriving at about 8:00 AM at the meeting site and already a good group was there but more came as time passed, so I was by no means late.  During the meeting Ed announced that names were to be submitted for President and Vice President in the upcoming election, and Gregg happened to sort of raise his arm to stretch but suddenly everyone thought he was throwing his name in the ring.  Next thing you know my name is hooked up in there as well since I’m standing right next to him.  What irritated me was not being able to come up with any quick comment that might get a laugh, this is what happens when you wake up late and miss breakfast.  If you want comedy and laughs -plus Gregg is great on Facebook, you might consider the two of us for those positions, but if you want real leadership I encourage all to stick with Ed and Chuck, with them we are all blessed on a personal level as well as an organization, to say the least.  The right person at the helm makes all the difference in what happens to groups like ours.

Everything wraps up at 9:00 AM and we line up in 3 groups for the relatively short ride to the Lake.  I am shepherding Doug and Cindy on their third ride with us, which is just a formality as Doug, who has been riding about as long as I have, is an accomplished rider on his mighty red Gold Wing.

We head south to Ortega Highway with Brian leading, his passenger Daveta Jo and Terry as wing.  The pace is peppy but moderate and everyone stays in great formation over the entire Ortega jaunt and beyond.  Arriving in Lake Elsinore at the I-15 Freeway we head north to I-10 west and exit at Euclid in Upland.  I don’t know how many people realize there used to be a trolley car going north and South on Euclid in the center median that is now a jogging and walking area, reaching all the way up to the fire station before turning off towards Mt. Baldy.  As we enter Mt. Baldy Village we turn sharp left onto Glendora Ridge Road until 12 miles further we come to Glendora Mountain Road which takes us to East Fork Road.  Glendora Ridge Road has very little reason to exist except to entertain motorcycle -especially sport bike riders, bicycle and sport car enthusiasts.  There is no center painted dividing line since it is only about 1 ½ lanes wide,  virtually no straight section and it goes for 12 miles until coming to GMR (Glendora Mountain Road) another crazy twisty 2 lane taking you down to the East Fork Road with lots of twists and turns of its own.  Embarrassingly, as we turn onto GMR I make a wide swinging turn due to getting a bit tired, must watch out for that sort of error and I’m supposed to be the shepherd for the newer rider.

While on the way along there I saw a long single curved skid mark coming across the road that led to a visible crash site just off the pavement in the dirt with a blotchy oil spill as an aftermath of what was likely a dramatic and probably traumatic motorcycle crash.  On a motorcycle you tend to notice the various skid marks much more than as a driver in a car.

 I look over and sort of recognize this guy and yes it turns out to be Hans, one of my weekday rider friends.  He is ready for a ride at just about any time from what I can figure


The road up to Crystal Lake continues the twisty and tight curving pattern established on the roads behind us and finally we are here.  What does the lake look like…don’t bother asking as I have no idea… never got to it.  We arrive and many had pre ordered their meal from the camp store but I had elected to bring a Subway sandwich based on a message sent out by Ed, but either option would have been acceptable.  The system of pre-ordering is a really good idea for groups like ours and I hope it might be adopted on some future rides.
Then the ghost of motorcycles past appears, as if out of nowhere in the form of my friend and riding buddy Wayne.  I’m backing into a parking spot and get tapped on the shoulder, looking back I see it’s Wayne, our shadow.  Where in the heck did he come from?  He was not at the meeting or on the ride with us but just takes a short cut to the destination.  He did bring me a souvenir from the Philippines, an embroidered cap with my name and 230 on it, but it is not sizeable so I will have to get it altered.  Heading for the lunch tables I spot a rider from my weekday trips, Hans and his friend Larry.  It was nice catching up with Hans and meeting a new friend.
photo provided by Doug & Cindy
I met the store manager (forgot to get her name), asked her about panning for gold on the East Fork, turns out she is very knowledgable of the whole story.  Shows me her wedding ring made from gold panned out of the East Fork river and tells me there is a lot of gold still up there but  it is getting difficult as the Forest Service is trying to keep people out of the area and stop as much of the digging as possible.  Still I have my sluice box and gold pan ,I just need to make the effort to get up in there sometime and strike it rich.
Lunch is over, it’s time to go and we head straight down Hwy 39 into Azusa, then the 210 Freeway and back to El Torito for the meeting wrap up, another successful chapter ride enters the history books and I head home but force myself to stop at Arco and pay $4.55 per gal for regular-Yikes it has gotten pricey, we paid $4.71 per gal. at our fillup on the road.  Oh yes, and we finally did vote Doug and Cindy in as new members of the chapter.  They are a very welcome addition to our band of brothers and sisters of the two wheel highway, plus the cookies she made to hand out were just plain scrumptious and very tasty.

End of the ride at El torito
 I thought this report seemed long but after reading through it about 40 times for editing it gets shorter each time.  Thanks for reading and if you are not getting my direct e-mail wrap ups and meeting reports drop me a line at or find me on Facebook.

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