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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Impromptu ride with Chapter 422

A first time ride with some new and familiar friends from Star Chapter 422 Saddleback Valley in South Orange County first attracted my attention via e-mail as an impromptu group ride that was being rescheduled from the week before.  I woke up Friday and it was dark and early but also foggy and quite damp out.  On top of that I was having some concern about a possible electrical issue with the Road Star as I had 3 bulbs and my high beam headlight all burn out over a period of a few short weeks.  OK, let’s list all the reasons not to go on this ride and stay in bed, it’s wet, cold and misty out, maybe the motorcycle is having a possible problem, and yesterday Thanksgiving, I notice what appears to be a blood spot in my eye with a possible tiny tear in the retina, balance all that against having asked my friend Wayne if he would like to go along, this was a really good group of folks and it seemed like a fun ride.  The decision was a no brainer, we ride, and that’s what this is all about.  If I don’t ride what did I buy the motorcycle for in the first place?
Here's Colin looking at the camera -photo by Denny's
Right about 7:00 AM I arrive at the Denny’s on El Toro in Lake Forest and pull in behind Wayne just as he is arriving from his home 3 miles away while I rode all the way on the freeway with wet pavement to contend with.  Inside, there is one 422 member already waiting and soon more join us for breakfast which at Denny’s means that whatever you order here is exactly what you get at any Denny’s- consistent menu and easy choices.  In talking with two 422 members Stephen and Leonard about the light bulbs, both are engineers and know a lot about electrical problems such as regulators on a motorcycle and offered some insight into possible issues.  My friend Johney will be taking a look so there is little concern.

From Denny’s it’s a short hop to Wing Stuff a local temple of all things Gold Wing, a cornucopia, a veritable delight of parts and equipment to any and all Honda Gold Wing motorcycle owners for miles around and on the internet. We arrive and a couple more riders join in making a group of 9 motorcycles, all riders and no passengers.  Our route will take us very near my home in Placentia making me think I could have just waited for them to pass by on Imperial Blvd. and join in, that’s not how it’s done however and for good reason.

An Impromptu break at Starbucks in Chino.

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The ride pace, speed, spacing and leadership are all spot on and I feel right at home riding with this STAR group as my own chapter 230.  We did make a couple U-turns on our way to Temecula and as you look at the map you will notice we cover a lot of territory on this relatively short ride of 275 miles or so.  The routing on the map is not complete due to some issues with fixing the stops, but it covers nearly every turn we made.  The consistency of choices for stops and gas is noticeable in comparing the two different groups.  Chevron gas is top of the list but 76 or Mobil are likely choices for both, also having a Starbucks at a stop seems to be a favorite. A 76 station is our first gas stop and while parked and changing my gear I reach back and impale my finger on some thorns from a rose bush.  Luckily I have a First-Aid kit and patch it up.  It also occurs to me I wonder how many riders carry a first aid kit on their rides.

Our destination for lunch in old town Temecula is Sweet Lumpy’s BBQ a place I have never been and it amazes me that of the several times I have had lunch in Temecula this place never came up.  I remember once being dragged to some place on Main Street for lunch and found it offering little reason to make it a special stop.  Lunch goes well, even Wayne ordered a sandwich, but they added what appeared to be a 20% tip to the bill which seemed a little pretentious considering the overall place and service, decent BBQ, good food, OK service, still, I would go back.  On the way here one rider, Glen peeled off at the Ortega Highway as he planned to go only part way.

On the return we retrace part of our path into the hills toward DeLuz Canyon and head for Fallbrook which leads us to Highway 76 connecting to the I-5 near Oceanside.   What I found interesting on the return ride heading toward Fallbrook was being able to start composing my Blog report, while the curves and twists were there, the pace was relaxing enough that I found myself going over what I would cover in this report, it added an extra component to the total on-the-road experience making it all the more relaxing and rewarding.  Another delight is that the road improvements taking years to complete on Hwy. 76 seem to have finally opened up providing a very nice two lane in each direction compared to the old one lane each way narrow road and slow traffic.

 At this final gas stop I think I took $.87 worth of gas or it just seemed that’s all I needed, but really took on a little over a gallon and then we scooted a few yards to the Starbucks (of course) across the street in the shopping center.  Based on the length of the last stop, I mentioned I saw a Dry Cleaner and asked if I had enough time to have my jacket cleaned and pressed while we relaxed sipping coffee or whatever. The answer was, OK wise guy!

From here it was about 65 miles home leaving enough time to start writing the report.  This along with some photos are all the evidence needed to prove we all had a great time meeting, riding and sharing the road with a group of STAR Touring friends.


Nanabiker said...

We had great weather, a fun ride and wonderful friends to enjoy it with. Richard it was great having you ride with us. Please ride with again really soon!

Nanabiker said...

We had great weather, a fun ride and wonderful friends to enjoy it with. Richard it was great having you ride with us. Please ride with again really soon!

Richard said...

Yes, the weather was near perfect, it was so nice I forgot to mention it. Thanks for your comment.