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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chapter 230 Holiday Party and gift exchange

There is nothing quite like our STAR Chapter 230 Holiday Party and this year like every year, the 2012 party was as good as it gets, a smashing success.  A few people put in a lot of work to make it as much fun as it turned out to be, so right off a special very big thanks to President Ed and (Mrs. President) Susan, plus V.P. Chuck and (Mrs. V.P.) Patti who all went beyond the extra mile to make it happen.  Both spouses deserve a big thank you for all the help and effort they contributed.

Somehow I kept thinking it started at 6:00 PM but actually the social hour started at about 5:00 PM, so we missed all that, arriving right at 6 o’clock at the Spaghetti Factory.  Everything was already under way but we had a chance to say hello to just about everyone before food was served, although I think we missed a few, but were able to catch up as the evening progressed.  The table we sat at included Mark & Evlee, Keith & Staci, Mike and Vicki and us, and as amazing as it sounds the conversation was about motorcycles.  I think we could have been sitting at any of the tables and felt just the same among really good friends. You come to a motorcycle group party and talk about what else motorcycles and of course it is safer than politics or many other topics that get boring. 

A few arrived after we did and the very last person to make her grand entrance was none other than her red hotness Carolyn our resident wind chime maker.  Dinner went well with Spaghetti and meat balls or Chicken Marsala or Lasagna as an entrĂ©e choice.  When dinner was over Ed hands out gifts to officers and mileage rockers for those that qualified with at least 5,000 chapter miles.  I was really surprised, impressed and grateful that I was given a plaque for my efforts as Bike Night Coordinator for scheduling the 3 weekly Thursday bike night meetings along with a 5,000 mile rocker for chapter rides; I must thank President Ed for appreciating my write-up and blog entries.  I can tell you it means a lot that my writing efforts are recognized as having some merit in helping make the chapter the success it is.  The internet, my personal blog and Facebook have all had a hand in my being noticed along with giving me the opportunity to put in writing some topics that seem entertaining-mostly to me.  I never really know what might pop up for material in my articles; I just hope it is well received.

The party really gets going once we start our ever popular and a bit crazy White Elephant Gift Exchange, where we each bring a gift worth about $25; then choose either a hidden gift or take one that has already been picked.  Some of the more choice items can often change hands up to the maximum three times before it is locked.  A couple of the items this year were beyond strange and if you can tell from the photo, Carol had to go back for a new item and picked a weird turkey hat or ornament that wiggles it’s legs, I can’t imagine that being a gift, or why.  Even stranger, Vicki had a chance for another gift choice and picked the turkey hat thing from Carol, I was surprised at her humanitarian effort in saving Carol.  Lots of alcoholic beverages of all sort seemed to be very popular this year and we even had a couple batches of lottery tickets along with a variety of tools and other household items. 
 Only a few fans of old WWII movies or MI-6 might get this reference.  I posted a different message on Facebook-"The red hen is in the farmhouse. the drop is at midnight" and Vince was the only person that responded correctly...impressive.
 Ed was busy all night working the gift exchange program
 The famous turkey
This is a motorcycle with chimes attached, I can only guess who might have made or provided this, lots of people wanted it.
Two different cases of beer were among the items and both Scott and Barb were ready to defend their ownership to the bitter end.  Stan wound up with a huge bottle of vodka; Daveta Jo had lottery tickets taken away but then went back finding a bank that looked like William sitting on a motorcycle.  Dan was very pleased with his scoring a bottle of 12 year old whiskey of some sort.  Ed tried for the two bottles of flavored whiskey then lost them to Stacey but I think she also lost them.  Carolyn had a gift box of chocolates filled with Jim Beam whiskey after losing some toy motorcycles along the way.  We picked a Snap-on tool set with various pliers and two bottles of wine.
Looking at the photos you will see there was a lack of lighting making it rather difficult to get a good shot but these are about the best we could do.  Many of the pictures were either too dark or too shaky to include.
We are wishing all the best to our Chapter 230 friends for another stupendous year of riding coming up in 2013.  I think we will have a couple of rides that will make history if the routes and destinations are on the list for 2013.

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