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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Up ahead the road takes a sharp left....

Up ahead you can see the road takes a sharp left into a steep uphill switchback, you get set to lean over by starting to put downward pressure on the left handle bar and tug on the right to pull up slightly, as you turn your head and eyes to look up and out through the turn, then pulling in the clutch with your left hand, you push the shift pedal into first and lean it over enough so the motorcycle follows the path laid out with your vision to stay on course as you power up the hill on the way to your next curve. You are feeling quite satisfied at how you handled this machine. A real sense of accomplishment flashes in your mind as you continue on and think to yourself, this never happens driving a car and if some of my friends could see me now.

Every motorcycle rider and especially STAR Chapter 230 members know this feeling of exhilaration and realization of these skills -we ride.  If you have not attended a Thursday Bike Night you are missing a tremendous opportunity to share ride stories, get your questions answered, surround yourself with like minded motorcycle riders and feel the acceptance and sharing like no other group you may know.
What did it take to start you out on the first try at a two-wheel ride?  Was it just a group of friends with a simple dirt bike watching you as you got on it trying to figure out the controls and after one of your buddies pointed out the necessary and vital elements like this is the brake here, pull this clutch in if you want to shift, press down or up with your foot to change a gear and oh yes, twist this grip on the handle bar but not too hard to make it go.  Next thing you know the machine is moving with you on it and you start out heading for a lifetime adventure, but maybe with a spill or two along the way. 

 Possibly it was that first day at the MSF-Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider course as you get on the motorcycle and try to remember which was the brake or clutch and where was the throttle; it was all in the workbook.  Sitting there trying to stay upright, listening to instructions trying to make it move but not fall over at the same time and realizing that at the end of the day you will be wrung out from the sheer tension and hearing don’t look down, keep your eyes up, look forward towards where you want to go, lean over and turn your head as you go round the box and be sure to stay inside the lines; is he nuts you can’t keep track of all that at the same time.  After two days and maybe even one extra day to finally pass your DMV requirements you have a motorcycle endorsement and now it’s time to buy a motorcycle.  Once you are bitten there is no simple way to walk away, you are hooked.