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Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.

Amazing scenery, great ride, wonderful time.
Monument Valley, Utah-9/2011 photo by Johney Harper!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Ride to USS Iowa BB 61 -Chapter 230

 The first Saturday of January means it’s time for a ride with STAR Chapter 230 and it also means taking care of chapter business such as reading of the charter, signing ride waivers and other business items.   It means a shorter ride is scheduled and it will be a tour of the Battleship Iowa BB 61 anchored at the San Pedro docks of Ports of Call village.  Seems nearly everyone shows up for the meeting including a group from Chapter 415-Harbor City and Rac representing chapter 500 from Pasadena along with several that just come to submit the annual ride forms and then leave.   As I prepared to ride on down to the meeting location I made sure I had enough warm clothing as it was a bit chilly  and even cold once underway.

The members and guests attending the meeting number around 40 but the actual ride group will be a bit smaller.  Our route will take us on the 22 Fwy. to the 405, to the Harbor Freeway to Pacific Coast Highway and then over to Palos Verdes Blvd. where we go through beautiful Palos Verdes observing the speed limit, winding our way over to San Pedro and the Korean Friendship Bell overlooking San Pedro area and shoreline.  After a brief photo opportunity at the bell it’s only a short 15-20 minutes and we arrive at Ports-O-Call and the U.S.S. Iowa BB 61 for a tour aboard ship.

It’s quite a sight to see the ship anchored against the dock looking lower in profile than I first imagined, still it is a formidable warship once you get on board and see the huge 16 inch guns plus all the other weapons.  A word of caution if you do take the tour, be sure to bring hand sanitizer with you as you will need it during and after you complete the tour.  You are constantly holding on to hand rails climbing from one deck to the next as is everyone else and a perfect opportunity to share lots of germs with lots of people.  A WORD TO THE WISE!

The tour only covers the upper decks and one partial lower deck so we don’t get to see most of the ship as yet.  Also for anyone that has any physical impairment the stairs or ladders from one deck to another are extremely steep and you really have to hold on to avoid any slip or misstep.  Four of us bought a group ticket at the window and paid $15 each instead of the regular price of $18 (I think) not a big discount or you can buy through Groupon I understand.  After a stop at the gift shop for some trinket or must have item, the self guided tour was over by 1:10 PM or so.
We journey over the Vincent Thomas bridge to Long Beach Convention Center area for a late lunch at Famous Dave's Bar-B-Cue.

If the photos seem dark or colors are a bit distorted it is the result of my new Canon  Power shot 110HS Elph, for some reason the colors are over saturated and I can’t figure how to make it better.  Will probably go back to previous Canon 880 as it does much better with colors and clarity as well.


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